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  1. I appreciate that but yeah, I’ve run the decoder as well, my problem is that all the manuals I find show a liquid cooled engine and a shiftable front differential for that year and model. Parts sites show the right parts/diagrams, but thus far finding an appropriate service manual has been impossible.
  2. Yeah, I dropped a couple of characters... 5Y4AH06W0YA015216
  3. I can't for the life of me find the correct service manual for this unit. It's air cooled, not liquid (oil cooler tho) and every manual I find has the wrong front differential diagram (it does NOT have a 2wd/4wd shifter). I'd be eternally grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. I can probably slog it out from some of the exploded diagrams I've found, but a good "do this, do NOT do that" manual would be a godsend. Regards, Ross
  4. Agreed, but I like to change color depending on my mood, and paint is the cheapest way to get that done.
  5. Used to like sport quads, now prefer big and comfortable. Besides, I’m not trustworthy enough to go fast amd being stupid hurts worse as I get older.
  6. Friend of mine had one and we used it to haul an elk from the middle of nowhere. Would have taken a couple days on foot, took a couple hours instead. I was sold!
  7. I just scuff and repaint. Why work harder than you need to.
  8. Took 3 deer this year, time to start on hogs. Took 29 hogs last year. Even giving a lot away that’s still a lot of sausage...
  9. When I think about pine trees I think of the jackwagon that thought they were a good idea in my neighborhood. I’d far rather rake leaves than slog pine needles out of the gutters!
  10. Whatever you can get... More seriously, the local market will dictate the value as much as anything.
  11. 99% chance it’s a fuel delivery problem.
  12. Honda has the most detail, at least the factory manuals do.
  13. I’ve got one on my Yamaha and a #12000 on my truck. Both work great and the wireless remote is sweet!
  14. Not here JUST for a manual, but do need one. Been a lurker for 4 years, just found out I couldn’t download...

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