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  1. Nelson is a pretty good area for trail riding. If you go you should ride the east side of the area. The west side is whooped out. I have never been to Sandy Valley but I have friends that ride there all the time. I am not much of a track rider and especially on the quad. I am more of a trail rider.
  2. Can't wait!! Haven't ridden the quad in a while. It will be good to air it out.
  3. Good job!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wondered what kind of a track they were putting in. I went by on Saturday and it looked like a TT track or something like that. I will have to gear down one of my quads and try it.
  4. I went on a Friday because that's when the 702 guys have elected to be their day on the track. They tell me that it has 1/4 the people on the track on Fridays as opposed to Saturday or Sunday. I will be going back because I could tell the difference in how I was hitting obstacles after the track work. I rode in a MRAN race the Sunday after riding the track (mud fest) and I could really see the difference. I have never really jumped the quad before and found it to be less scary then the motorcycle. I need more practice! I am the ugly old man in the white and red in the first picture and I drive a black SS with a Best in the Desert sticker in the rear window.
  5. Just a quick report on the day at the track. The track was very wet first thing in the morning (over watered). About 2 hours into riding the track got tacky in most spots and there were lines starting to form. I could not help but notice that I sucked! It seemed that no matter how many times that I went around the track my balls got smaller instead of getting bigger. I looked at the double so many times and I know I can do it I just could not get up the nerve so I will take home the wimp award for the day. The highlight of my day was when a kid on a KTM 65 passed me up and then proceeded to roost me. That kid is going to do well racing! One of the guys (can’t remember name) over shot the table top and flat landed and hurt his wrist. I sat there trying to calculate the height that you would be if you jumped and flat landed and as near as I can figure it that would be about 30’ high. Drop off a ledge 30’ high and It should hurt! I rode mostly the vet track. The group did go onto the national track but we just looked like tourist! I did have fun banging bars with Charlie on the national track for a few laps today. I have never taken one of my quads on a track before and today reminded me as to why. I never did get on the arenacross track but I was so out of place everywhere else so I thought there was enough humiliation already without going there. It was a pretty fun experience. Charlie was jumping the double at the end and Trevor made it look easy. Robbie tore it up. Paul was having the same problem I was with the double. Ok, next time I will take off the training wheels when I ride. Thanks for the ride guys! You can find all of the pictures and videos here: ybracing/01-25-08 Ride - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
  6. I have a theory about the ladies and the forum. I believe that they come to the site and get the information that they need and then, GO RIDING!!! Well, after all is that not what it is all about?? Not to sound rude or anything but I would much rather be riding right now then posting on the board. No offense intended. There are people that talk about riding and then there are those of you that actually ride. I am in the later category. I am glad to see more and more ladies getting dirty and riding. Twenty years ago if you saw a lady on a bike you would think she was crazy. Now days it is cool as hell! WAY TO GO GALS.
  7. Ok, I'm going to do it! I will be riding the Boulder City Track This Friday. Some friends from the 702 dirtbike forum will be there so I will hang out with them. I will be taking my KTM 450 XC and one of my Honda TRX 450's #402. I will be trying to learn to jump without killing myself. Wish me luck.
  8. I will be checking it out in the next couple of weeks. I will probably go on a Friday with the 702 guys. I will suck on the track!
  9. Hey everyone, I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Richard and yes, I ride a quad. Unfortunately I don't ride the quads as often as I used to. I mostly ride dirt bikes. I was racing my quads in the Best in the Desert Racing Association Silver State Series for the past several years but I stopped racing last year. I look forward to riding with some quad people in my area since the motorcycle guys don't like the dust from the quads. I actually like the dust. Keep riding and be safe.
  10. A lot of my friends from the 702sportbikes forum that ride dirt bikes ride there on a weekly basis. They say it is fantastic. They said to start on the vet track and then go to the national track and none of them will ride the arena cross track (jumps to big). I have not been there yet. I am not much of a track rider (love the trails) and I don't jump very well. I will be going there soon but I will probably take a motorcycle not my quad (quad set up for desert racing).
  11. I know this thread is a little old but lets breath a little life into it. Nelson Hills area is a great place to ride a quad. There are a lot of two track trails that run the ridges, plenty of washes and let's not forget fast pole line roads. If you ride the west side you will see a lot of whoops. The east side (mountain side) is less whooped out and way more fun. Another place to ride is the Jean dry lake bed area. There are plenty of trails and unfortunately it has been ridden to death so you will find plenty of whoops. You can even pass under the railroad tracks and hwy 15 to the west side and there is a large area of riding with pole line roads small trails and if you go far enough west you will get into a massive sand wash. Get out and Ride!
  12. Alright kiddies, The ride is on in spite of the lack of enthusiasm from the quad community. I dusted off one of my race quads (the one I will be selling) and I was surprised it started with only 4 kicks. You got to love the Honda's for reliability. Meeting at the Railroad Pass Casino as stated above and we will be parking at the slab. Look forward to riding with all of you. Now get out and ride!
  13. I like to stand out in a crowd!
  14. Alright guys, It’s time that all of you closet quad riders come out. . That's right I’m talking to you! It’s ok to admit that you secretly ride a quad. Just because you need two extra tires to ride is nothing to be ashamed of. If there is enough interest, I will be planning a quad ride for Saturday the 12th at Nelson Hills outside of Las Vegas Nevada. I plan on keeping on the two track trails that go across the mountains and see how much territory that we can cover. This ride will be about 40 miles so fuel should not be a problem. The pace might not be to fast since I am not sure how I will do on a quad. I have not ridden mine since my back surgery in February of last year. I will be riding one of my Honda TRX 450 race quads. This should be a dusty ride (I love the dust). We will meet at the Railroad Pass Casino (Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino) at 8:30 AM for breakfast and leave at 9:30 AM to Nelson. Ya that’s right, us closet quad guys like a little beauty sleep. Please post up if you can attend. I will proceed with this ride if I get 4 or more people sign up. I will post on Friday afternoon that the ride is on or not. If you choose to attend this ride please do not be late. I look forward to riding with all of you! PS. You 2 wheel guys can tag along if you like dust.

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