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  2. Figured it out, it ended up being TWO BAD CDI BOXES, YES TWO.. I replaced it with another one and she fired right up and purred like a kitty.
  3. Ok I will give that a shot. A quick question for you.? Is there anyway to bypass the CDI to say somehow jump the coil to get spark. I don't think there is, but I will just throw it out there.
  4. See if the kill switch on the handle bars is off the starter won't try turning over at all, same thing if it's in gear. I'm just to the point where I want to drop it off a cliff.
  5. I know, I feel that its something simple, I have tried bypassing all kill switches, including the one on the handle bars and all the neutral safety witches.. This thing is irritating lol.. Unless the CDI boxes I purchased are no good, that's all I can think of.
  6. Yes starter works great, I cannot even get a tiny spark at alll, that's whats weird.
  7. Well I checked all the plugs, pulled all the tape off the harness, cleaned thoroughly. Didn't see anything bad. My neutral light and reverse light won't light up on the dash. But I have tried bypassing all the neutral safety switches, and still nothing.
  8. Well today is Friday. I installed a brand new stator with a new pickup coil, another new ignition coil, and another new voltage regulator. I still don't have any spark at all.. I am sick of this thing. Any ideas.?
  9. Well thank you to all who responded, I'm going to change the stator and pickup coil. I will let you know how I make out
  10. Well I thought the same thing so I took it apart and checked the magnets on the flywheel, I was going to replace the stator, and my local dealer tells me, don't replace the stator because it has nothing to do with it starting or firing. He tells me it only charges the battery and keeps it up while it's running. Is he full of crap.?
  11. Usually I never ask for help on the Internet, but this thing has me stumped. 2001 Arctic Cat 250 4x4, I bought it from a friend, he said it ran good a week before he sold it to me. I have taking apart all the plastic/ racks. I have no spark to this machine at all. I have replaced Two ignition coils, checked the Harness for any bad spots, checked all fuses/ replaced them just because. Changed spark plug, changed Two CDI boxes, Good battery, I have checked and bi passed all neutral safety switches, and still no spark. I hooked up my Multimeter on the single wire coming into the coil and I'm getting about two volts pulsating when using the push button starter, I have also tried pull starting, and still nothing. Please if you could help me in some way in would be appreciated.. Thank you

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