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  1. And something else, check the 12 V power supply to the CDI. As you see in the wiring diagram, the orange/white wire going to the CDI should have +12V with the ignition ON.
  2. OK. So, as Mike suggested, you must check the magneto. But you will need a multimeter. Here, in the attached file you will find the specs for the measurements. ATV Section 5.pdf
  3. It is possible the spark plug cap to be faulty. I would perform spark check without spark plug cap - directly from the HV wire. Whish you success. Zaro
  4. How did you check the CDI? Mike is right, try with new plug first. Zaro
  5. Zaro77


  6. Dear friends, I am looking for a 2009 Scrambler 500 manual. I can see it in the list, but I have no acsess. Could you help? Thanks
  7. Hi, friends. Great thanks for the posts with the manuals. However I can not succeed to download anything. I need a 2007 Scrambler 500 wiring diagram I tried the link in page one of the post written by GatorHunter, but nothing. Could you help, please? best regards

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