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  1. We just bought my 3 and a half year old daughter a 2013 90 cc Polaris Predator for Christmas. She has been riding the battery powered ATV's since she was 6 months old and rides like a pro! Instead of having to buy a new one every year, we decided this year to buy her a real one that will hopefully last her until she is big enough for a larger motor. Anyone out their let their toddlers ride real ATVs and if so, what model and size? Has your child ever injured herself on one? Thanks!
  2. I usually ride with my wedding set on but did have a bad experience. I had gloves on and I guess when I pulled the glove off, it jerked my $1,000 diamond out of my ring. I of course didn't notice this had happened for a while. So it cost a chucn of change to replace it. So ladies, just be extra careful. Now I usually just don't wear gloves when I ride.
  3. What part of Mississippi are you from? We ride at Burr Bottom near Corinth from time to time. There is also a place called Hawk Pride in Tuscumbia Alabama. Hit me up sometime!
  4. Thanks! I love the site-this is my first time on the forums though. I am hoping to make lots of friends who love riding.
  5. My name is Tonya and I ride a 2007 Yamaha Grizzly 700-has the power steering and I also have 30 inch ITP Mudlite tires all the way around! We mostly do trail riding all over the south-I am from Tennessee. We have ridden in Missouri, Kentucky, Mississippit, Alabama, Tennessee and Arkansas. There are lots of great parks and trails around here. We love to camp and do the whole bit! I usually ride with my husband, he rides an 06 Banshee and an 07 YFZ 450, and many of our friends. Anyone know of some good places to ride around the south, let me know!
  6. I usually ride with my husband and another couple as well as a few other guys. I am usually the only chic driving her own ATV. I love trail riding and playing in the mud!:rolleyes:

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