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  1. Awesome place to ride! I ride my grizzly there too.
  2. Yep gained a lot of clearance! Not much room left for anything else. Tree stumps are no problem. I can straddle just about anything with no resistance. Lots of fun!
  3. Definitely having fun! Was probably a little embarrassed cuz I had been talking trash to one of the other riders about my new tires being able to go thru anything---guess I was schooled pretty well! He is the one who took the pic!
  4. Thanks! Your bike is pretty awesome looking too...bet it is fast huh? I like the speed but only when someone else is driving. I am a laid back kind of rider myself, except when I do a little mountain climbing! lol.
  5. Yes it was a very deep hole! I was stuck in the sloppy Mississippi Gumbo and it took a minute to pull my ass out. But I had a blast!
  6. I hear ya! You see my little homemade waterproof sound system on front! lol You can definitely hear me coming on the trails! Gotta play that beer drinking music even though I don't drink beer. Love my redneck jams when I ride! hehe
  7. Nothing like riding till dawn, getting a couple hours of sleep then hitting the trails again. Boy we sure looked rough! Rode hard and hung up wet! Woo hoo!
  8. WHISTLE69

    My Grizzly

    Yep-I feel like I am driving Big Foot with my 30's! I think I should have gotten 28's or 29's though. Sometimes it feels kind of top heavy with those big ass tires on it. They sure help you bounce your way up a mountain though!
  9. Yeah it was pretty awesome! I had just gotten these tires and wanted to test their limits. Guess I did just that. That hole was a helluva lot deeper than it looked! lol
  10. Thanks! Love your bike too. I wanted the blue one when I bought mine but couldn't find one within a 3 state range! Just couldn't wait to get the 700 with power steering. I love it! You have some awesome tunes on your page. Gives me something cool to listen to while at work....Talk to ya soon!
  11. KEYSWITCH/resivor for rear brake fluid and line that attaches to it IF ANYONE HAS SOME LAYING AROUND AND WANTS TO MAKE A FEW BUCKS.....GET AHOLD OF ME....THANKS
  12. Keyswitch/both Headlights/rear Grab Bar/front Sprocket/tail Light/handlebar N/r/temp Light Covers/rear Brake Fluid Holder If Anyone Has Some Laying Around And Wants To Make A Few Bucks.....get Ahold Of Me....thanks

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