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  1. I met up with a buddy that lives in Mt Juliet. We went on some trails over by him that run along ceder creek. I think thats the name of the creek. It was kinda cool. A lot of mud and water to play in. It was nice because it was only 20miles away.
  2. Turkey Bay OHV in Land Between The Lakes (LBL) Recreation Area in Kentucky. This is the Old Silo a land mark there in the park. LBL | OHV Trails
  3. I've been to both places. I'm not sure I like all the changes they were made to do at Wooly's. Last time I went I started getting a little bored. I camped at Turkey bay it was a blast.
  4. This will be my first time. I have heard a lot about it. I can hardly wait.
  5. I'm jealous now, Have fun and be safe. Let us know how it was
  6. Hey, I loved it too. The Olympic Pennisula is one of my favorite places. I had friends that rode at the dunes in Oregon.
  7. Spooge, How did the duplicolor work out for you?
  8. I did just that Only found person in my area. i left him a comment
  9. Welcome to the site. I also own a Grizzly 700 '08. I love it
  10. I am always looking for new friends to ride with in the Nashville area. Not a whole lot oof places to ride in the immediate area, unless you know someone that owns land.
  11. Welcome, beautiful country out there. I used to live in Poulsbo, WA

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