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  2. Ok so I got back after it and charged the battery , the old solenoid put back in the start button was tested and was fine but cleaned it up anyway. got the whole rig back together and still no start. when the start button is pushed the starting cut off relay clicks. I took that relay out and have tested that and that is fine as well. I am just not getting the power to the Solenoid to close the loop. any thoughts? this one is driving me crazy
  3. I did have the small wires on the wrong posts. the wire that goes to the lights needs to be connected to the accessory power tab so that they would be able to turn on without the bike running. I am going to stop and grab another solenoid on the way home today in case i need it but will run some more tests on the current set up before I install anything else. I am just so new to the wheeler game i am learning on the fly.
  4. Update I was able to correct the no lights situation I described and the clicking has also gone away. so currently I turn on the key the neutral light comes on and when i push the start button nothing happens. I am wondering if the solenoid I purchased was bad right out of the box or if I am missing something. I am going to test the solenoid to see if I can get any info. if anyone has any suggestions please let me know I really could use some help. thanks
  5. Good morning all I am new to the forum and new to the world of ATVs. I recently purchased a 99 big bear 350 4x4 that has a few issues to be resolved. it started with the push button starter it would just click when the button was pushed to date I have replaced the solenoid with a Napa 4 wire setup (not sure if this is installed correctly) and replaced the older baterry with a AGM battery. after all of that it still clicks but the source of the click is a white plastic rectangular box with 2 wires going into it. i have 12.8 volts to the first post of the solenoid and nothing on the second post when the button is pushed. when the solenoid is jumped the starter engages. lastly i have no lights when the buggy is not running and when i hit the light switch there is also a click that happens. Thanks for any info anyone can provide I greatly appreciate the help. Flyman

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