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  1. Looking forward to posting some questions on here, doing some reading on here, and enjoying the company of others. So I bought a 1994 Yamaha Big Bear 350 4x4 from a buddy of mine for $1,000. He has had the ATV for about 2 year. No rear problems when talking about the motor. It has failed to start some, and unfortunately it does not have a pull string. Not sure if that is something I can add on later or not. But we traced the issues to the starter and replaced it. Now it starts easily and has a new battery and starter that he bought . Issues I am going to be working on, and asking questions about: Hours display is broken and doesn't show anything at all Would like to possibly add a speedometer at some point Rear brake doesn't work until the pedal is all the way down to the floor, and then it engages, doesn't really brake. I'm thinking this is a simple adjustment ATV pops and clicks when turning. Was thinking CV axles, but not sure and want to be 100% sure before I order replacement parts Need to learn the braking system better. It has two hand brakes and then the pedal brake. What's the difference and how do they all work together. Assume one is a hybrid brake that engages both front and rear at the same time, but not sure Need to clean/paint the hubs The shifting is tough and some times requires more pressure than I'm comfortable with. Not sure if it's lubrication, or an issue with the linkage. Need to learn that too. Having a hard time finding a manual online, need to buy one probably I have around $500 to invest into the ATV. I am hoping this will take it back to really nice riding condition. Any thoughts on the above issues/concerns? I plan on using the search functions as well. Looking forward to hearing from you all. - Brandon

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