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  2. Thanks everyone, found out it's a 1998 Yamaha Timberwolf YFB250
  3. Hi everyone, I received a 98 Yamaha Timberwolf from my brother for free, and I'm working on getting it going. I am having the following problem: The engine is backfiring through the carb. I have done the following to try and get the four wheeler running: Rebuilt the carb and set the air screw to 1-1/4 turn out and the circlip at middle position 3 Replaced the coil, because the cable was loose at the coil end Repaired the main ground, coming from the battery Replaced the ignition switch, because my brother couldn't find the key. New switch tested good Tested the kill switch
  4. I just received this from my brother, and neither of us know anything about it. Can anyone help? What I do know: 4x2 1500cm marked on engine pull-start difficult to push with flat spot tires lol

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