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  2. I'll check that out just got it home from the farm sounds like some tear down fun. Thx is there a way to tell by looking that it's bad?
  3. Yes starter is turning but not turning the motor over, just a high pitch spinning noise.
  4. Looks to be a Yamaha Timberwolf we have had 3 in the past 1 still have other 2 were stolen. Mid 90s still a great running machine
  5. Have an Artic Cat 500 that will not electric start. I thought it was the starter as it sounded like it was just free spinning. (BTW it pull starts and runs fine except it is hard to pull half way out gets bound just keep trying till it starts) I replaced the starter with the results being the same. The gears u can see with the starter out will also spin freely with the finger. It's like it's not engaging the flywheel. Ideas?

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