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  2. Yes. Kill switch was fine. Ended up just removing it. Taking a break from it but I will look at wiring really close. Thanks for your input
  3. Replaced all electrical parts. Ready to burn the piece of shit. NO SPARK. Gonna start jumping wires
  4. So my battery light came on but i figured because I'm on a small average I start and shut unit off a lot so battery wasn't charging enough I decided to take it for a good long ride to charge battery up. Got about a half kilometer from home and I heard a load pop and she quit. Main fuse had a large hole burnt through it and after I installed a new one I had no spark! Like you I tested every thing but the manual is sketchy. So I replaced the coil and wire and theCDI unit. Fired up and quit again. I read somewhere on the web you have to replace four units together cdi, coil, rectifier and stator. I'm dealing with a company here in Alberta and when I find something out I'll let ya know as I need this unit running
  5. If you found a fix let me know please. If not I'm currently looking into it
  6. Hi I have the same problem. I replaced coil and wire and the cdi unit. Fired up and quit again. No spark. I read somewhere that you have to replace four units. Cdi, rectififier, coil and stator.

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