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  2. So are you say it's a broken wire, or you think the starter switchis bad on the handle bars, or the starter solenoid by the cdi box is bad?
  3. I replaced the cdi the pick up coil and the stator and regulator
  4. Ok I replaced the stat or also and still no spark
  5. I need help, I have a 1989 bayou 300, 2x4 it has no spark, I changed the cdi box the coil and spark plug also the regulator, and added another block ground, and I still don't have any spark, should I pull the stator or does that have anything to do with it?
  6. I have a problem with my 1989 300 bayou 2 wheel drive , i am getting no spark, i have changed the cdi box, the regulator the spark coil, added a secondary ground to block, and i still dont have spark , any suggestions ?

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