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  2. I know Im new here but ive been trying to engage here and a few other forums daliy. I have found in just the last few weeks these forums to be extremely helpful. With a positive attitude as a whole toward all of our mutual passion. I blame the Rise in popularity of the UTV's (joto side by sides) to be the real reason of the decline in Quads.
  3. The top Hole I believe still has enough threads. the bottom on the other hand I could only get about two maybe two and a half threads in. Brutha Dave, thank you!!!! I am going to look heavily into your spacer idea. The bottom hole for sure. I can MIG weld it on when I repair the Chassis. ill check with Fastnel and Bel Metric and see what they have in way of spacers with the correct threading. Now to try and locate the guard.... Thanks again Bro!
  4. Well how about that!!! Hey let me ask..I'm assuming you are from around there. Are the Rangers still total and complete Douche bags at the Bay still??? Back in the late 90's several of us quite going due to the unrelenting harassment over petty silly shit by the Rangetards... For years every Memorial weekend several Hundred people from my home town would descend upon the Bay. They started throwing us in jail so we quite coming back.
  5. Finally unboxed my project motor today. Once again I was misinformed on what the exact issues were. Turns out my Sprocket Guard is missing and now I know why. It seems both bolt mount holes are completely Jacked the Effen hell up. With out replacing the Crank case I am completely stumped on what I can do to even Install a replacement guard. Or for that matter safely operate this machine with out the guard in place... Please anyone with a thought, suggestion, or comment besides I'm completely screwed would be very helpful... Until then, Deuces!!
  6. Brutha we would roll in there on Friday night. Each man had 3 cases of beer and various bottles of booze. Yet each year on the last day we would all be putting our last few dollars in a pot to make that ole Memorial day B double E double R UN.... Can't remember a single year it didn't happen... As far as the "hotrods" before the UTV (joto side by sides) craze, it was the bad ass suped up, nitro fueled Sand Rails. Them things can climb anything..
  7. The Land Between the Lakes Kentucky, Turkey Bay ORV Park... Sits on 170,000 Acres of National Recreational Land. Turkey Bay has over 100 miles of Trails and Hills decently maintained. I Used to go every Memorial Day Weekend. Thinking of going back soon!!! A few things you absolutely must know ahead of time. #1 The nearest Gas station, last time I was there was around 45 min away... bring extra cans!!!! #2 Rocks on the trails range in sizes from Quarters to Bowling balls to Volkswagens. Tire Plugs, Spare parts, AND TOOLS recommended. Again nearest town is 45 min away. #3 THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!!! The park is located in a DRY county... nearest adult beverage over an hour and a half away one way. They do sell Ice at Ranger station. #4 Easy as hell to get Lost. Ride in pairs. No telling how well GPS will work in the deep woods. #5 Plan on staying a weekend. one day is no where near long enough. Link to official page with all the INFO you will need other than the above fore mentioned..... https://www.landbetweenthelakes.us/ Enjoy!!! Deuces
  8. I grew up illegally riding on old reclaimed Coal Mine land. My home town in Southern Illinois is completely surrounded by acres beyond acres of abandoned strip mines. Miles of abandoned roads, trails, strip hills, slag pits, you name it. You could literally ride all day, completely circle the entire town, only have to cross a few hard roads, and never see the same trail twice. It wasn't till about 10 years ago they started selling off the land to private land owners. Before that time the Land was monitored by very loosely at first the still then Land owners. The mining companies. If you ran into them, as long as you were respectful, not tearing anything up, or trashing the place they would just tell us we were done riding there for the day. A few years after that the local and county authorities along with Fish and Game became involved. At first they only really knew about the main entrances and would attempt to roadblock us there or ensue a high speed pursuit of anywhere between 5 & 30 ATV's. Who aint stopping for shit unless they wreck out. That is if we didn't just bust a 180 and head back in where the cruisers couldn't go. After years of riding we had so many trails leading on and off the property, some of which lead directly to friends and fellow riders property. Which all had garages, pole barns, wooded areas, and houses. We had hideouts and safe havens all over the county. It became a game of really fat Cat vs. super fast little mouse. Sadly, this game would diminish our numbers. Parents started asking where we were riding at. The authorities started tracking bike owners as well as figuring out some of our escape routes. little by little It became increasingly more difficult to go riding without involving yourself in several felonious activities. The final nail in the coffin was all of the Illegal hunting and poaching going on in our absence from the land. It became a huge problem. That is when the Sheriffs office along with Fish & Game upped the ante and bought a fleet of Quads. Utility and Sport bikes to patrol the area. Little did we all know and in hindsight its so obvious now. There was never a HUGE poaching problem on the land because of all of us and our Two to Four wheeled noise makers that came screaming through 24/7. If you have never been or if the opportunity presents itself to you. I highly recommend spending a weekend at The Land Between The Lakes in Kentucky (Turkey Bay). Which sits on 170,000 Acres of National Recreation land and has over 100 miles of designated ORV trails. Even in its awesomeness it Fails to even compare to the shear size of all the mines I learned how to ride on. It was then and still is today the absolute freedom of riding a Quad that has had me hooked since day one. When I'm wheelin its just me, the bike, and the volume of Gasoline on hand..... I love the smell of Klotz Bean Oil, playing in the dirt, and feeling that ole d*ck tickler between my legs as the power band comes up when i slam through the gears. I also like to go FAST like Ricky Bobby. Sweet Momma Speed!! Until next Rant.... Deuces!!!
  9. I agree Sir. I think im gunna MIG it with some fairly heavy wire. I have a couple of Master Welders on my job site. ill get with them on best wire gauge to use and have them fab me up some gussets. might as well reinforce the opposite side too. The only thing that totally blows, the more I weld and grind, the more im gunna jack up this totally pimp Powder Coat job. I might as well sand blast it and start over.....ERRRRRRRRRRR.... Hubs and A-Arms will have to be done too... Frack it!!!!! Im pulling the Swing Arm as soon as the sun is up. Complete tear down to begin in 60 min.. Coffee is already on.. Walk the stupid dog... Gather tools and material... So much for Resting on my only day off.
  10. Well she was not exactly what I was lead to believe. Then again for the price I can't complain. As you can see she is a roller with the Engine already removed from chassis. The previous owner really had no clue what he had. Pretty much the whole Quad is there minus plastics. After loosening the Nerfs I was able to Identify the 10th digit in the Vin#... Shes an N = '92 ... Not the 85-86 I was originally told. which is actually a good thing. The Major problem I have is the huge Crack in the frame next to the rear brake lever. So I will have to grind on what is a fairly new Powder coat job, and weld. My big wonder is will a weld hold or should I also add reinforcements around the repaired area???? AS you can see in the last Pic the Crack is pretty vicious. Let me know what ya think. Until then... Deuces!!!!
  11. I'm Excited. in 4 days i will go pick up my Crated 89 LT250r Quadracer. completely unseen. No idea of condition or complete parts list. With a lot of unknowns, Ive started making a parts wish list. Which has me trying to decide on set ups, color scheme, aftermarket, OEM, or hybrid parts and in general what i am wanting to get out of this Quad. After much back and forth i'm done arguing with my self. since this is a complete rebuild and not going to be a restoration. I've decided I want to build a balanced mix between Mx race ready machine and a trail dominant beast. So where to start??? I'm greedy so of course I want all the pros and none of the cons. Not as easy as it sounds.This is What i've come up with so far. Which at any time is subject to change. Chassis Gussets a must. the last thing i want is to destroy the frame after spending hours upon hours building around it. All stainless steel control cables and lines. +2+1 A Arms, +4 Axle. The goal here is to have 50" stance. I understand in the past most trail riders prefer a more narrow stance 46" to 48" but with the saturation of UTV ( Joto side by sides) on the trails. Most trails have been widened. So in reality a 50" wide Quad should not struggle for room while gaining the added stability of a wider stance. +2 Swing Arm, If I can find one... The absolute best Adjustable Suspension system I can afford. Performance Pipe/silencer, Reeds, and Carb combo to get max out of assuming stock engine. Holeshot tires or similar on 9" rims. Nerf Bars. LED light upgrade. Possibly a larger fuel tank upgrade, If such thing exists. Custom Air box with performance filter. All Black Race cut Plastics. All Chassis, Arms, Nerf bars, Bumpers, engine, Wheel Hubs, Brake Calipers, Foot pegs. Up 1 tooth front Sprocket and down 1 tooth rear sprocket. Plus anything I forgot underneath. Will all be powder coated a Rich but not to bright Blood Red . Including Grips and guards same Red. Along with Same Red Suspension covers... A 4" to 5" single S Suzuki Logo for nose of front hood same red. Red stitched Full Suzuki Logo on back of seat. a custom and Extremely SATANIC Vinyl job. Upside down crosses, pentagrams, and Number plate 666. You guessed it, same red with white highlights for depth. Her name will be Jeannie. After my wife. who is a very sexy, yet life sucking bitch, that will lay you out and punish you if you push her to far. So this is my basic concept. All while trying to Balance Trail with Mx. If you see or think of something I missed or something you think may work better for my situation, by all means, mention it here. I will definitely take a look at it. Suggestions, thoughts, opinions are very much welcome... Until then... Deuces!!!
  12. My company uses Survey Monkey for our quarterly Craft ratings... LOL Surveys are fun... specially when you get to tell people they suck at their job!!!! hahahahaha
  13. I'm sure this has been tossed around on here numerous times but with the unveiling of the new KTM fuel injected 2 stroke. Could this be the first step in a come back for my beloved double ding ding machines. Ok lets hear it. Why do you like one or the other??? Myself, I always felt it was the throttle control and Powerband response with the 2 strokes. I know this sounds weird but on a 4 stroke, no matter size or model. I always felt like i was along for the ride instead of in control. I've spent hours on my buds 400EX, even took a new 450r for a spin. before they discontinued them. Blasters, Banshees, and a number of 125's, 250's and even one late 80's Honda XR250R... Results all the same. For me its a comfort and control that im used to with the 2 strokes.... and i love the smell of bean oil... So lets hear it. Im sick of arguing with same two people at work on this issue.
  14. Sup Gang, So Im Picking up my crated 89 LT250r next weekend... I have no Idea what shape its in other than its completely tore down. Chassis im told is in great shape and fresh paint. Still sending off to powder coat after gusset install (if I can find a kit). This will be my first Resto/Mod so any tips, special tools, words of advice would be much appreciated. I have no doubt this project will take months and several $$$. I plan on doing all the work myself except for the Motor and paint. Any suggestions on reputable 2 stroke gurus i can ship the motor to ??? Again any help would be much appreciated. Pics coming as soon as i pick her up.....Until then... Deuces...
  15. 1988 the neighbor down the road bought a brand new Honda TRX250R... it was the most RADICAL bike any of us neighborhood kids had ever seen... it smoked the A-Hole other neighbors Tri-Z... After Chris took this little 6th grader for a ride, It was all over...

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