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  1. I have a DS 650x available. Garage kept for its entire life and runs well. OMF beadlocked wheels. Located in San Antonio Texas area. I’m motivated to sell and work with shipping options but serious inquiries only interested in a large sport ATV that won’t come around again. Here’s a photo from a few weeks ago. I can send over more photos, videos, or we can have a FaceTime session to take a look remotely. Let me know. David
  2. schef


  3. Indeed... the water just hides the monster! I just thought I would throw the water jab out there for fun. Getting stuck in water is probably worse than mud alone since you end up with a stuck quad that may have an engine full of mud I'm not the one on the quad... I took the picture at the first annual High Lifter Mud Nationals a few years ago. It took the guy a while to get out and it didn't look like he was having a good time doing it.
  4. Anyone can get stuck in "water"... but who's got the MUD?
  5. That's what happens when a person has waaaayyyy too much money. "Sure, take my near priceless car for a spin... keep it under 200." Very cool though.
  6. That's if you could get one for $1.2 million. I think production stopped a few years ago (maybe 2000?) so the small number of cars are becoming more and more valuable. So how did you arange the seat time? I'd be thrilled just to see one. I've seen reports of two in Texas, so the chance for me is pretty small unless I start going to car shows.
  7. Lightning can be challenging, but a long exposure time and a tripod helps.
  8. It's sad that we can no longer find news... it has to be swayed by some idiot expert who just happens to have an opinion and the means to spread it as if the opinion, not the news, was the news. That's all I got out of the article. Congrats to Mr. Jeff Manning who hopefully furthered his career with idiotic reporting. Bravo. It is nice to see some of the comments bashing the article on the site.... but then there are those that act as if "only I knew this before." Come on now. Seriously.
  9. Nice! Here's a "wreck" by a buddy of mine that alone isn't too impressive. But, how many times do you see a Yamaha Terra Pro do a water wheelie?
  10. I didn't make it out to Ouray . The trip was plagued with mechanical problems on the quad and my truck that limited the time I could spend riding. I've seen pictures of Ouray and "little Switzerland" fits. I would take it one further and call it Litter Zermatt. I wish I could have made it to Ouray to see it for myself. That's just more reason for me to try and go back... if I could coerce my friends into taking a road trip I spent some time in Zermatt Switzerland back in 2004... both small towns tucked between massive mountain ranges with narrow passes: Zermatt Switzerland from a few hundred feet up near the base of the Matterhorn: Photo of Ouray I found online:
  11. I've been trying to get back there for a while. It's a trip I've been planning but unable to put together for the past 4 years. I only spent a day riding the last (and only) time I was there but next time around I'm planning (hoping) to get a cabin on Lake San Cristobal (map Alpine Loop National Back Country Byway - Maps & Directions ) and use that as a base camp for a few days or riding.
  12. All of the photos from the may photo contest got me thinking about riding trips... after all of the trips, one from back in 03 keeps coming back to me. Silverton sticks in my mind as the most memorable spot to ride. Nothing but ride open spaces and the occasional quad or jeep driving by... great place. And since I can't sleep, I thought I would post a few shots from the trip... Quad at the time... Rincon 650 Probably my first attempt at a ponorama Probably my second attempt at a ponorama
  13. I usually shoot in daylight or what I consider low light conditions. In a gym or stadium, I can hope to get 1/640th using f2.8 and ISO 1250 or 1600. A tele converter in that situation would be suicide. Anything below 1/640th won't freeze the action as much as I would like. I don't have any regular gigs that allow me to setup strobes. I've worked closely with folks that were using strobes while I was not, and I've found the strobes to be more limiting than helpful. The slow cycle time on strobes means that one or two shots can be taken for my 10-15. That's normally not a real problem but that reduces the chance of nailing the shot. It would be easier to pay $4000 and have a lens that can do it all Capture One is a great tool. I also like "Neat Image" Neat Image :: download to remove noise from high ISO images. This makes shooting at 1600 or even 3200 ISO reasonable.
  14. Ha, yeah, looks like I missed the photo description. I was guessing it may have been with a tele converter but I wasn't sure. TC's are good when you can afford to slow a lens down and possibly lose the ability to auto focus. I can't do either for most of the shooting that I still do. Manual focus and anything below f4 is almost unusable is low light sport conditions. The 300 f2.8 or 400 f2.8 are the two lenses I will consider if I keep moving forward with photography.
  15. I was just looking over some of the photos... (it's rough on slow Verizon mobile internet connection). Luna_IMG_9909-1 shot at 560mm? What lens?

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