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Killer ATVs- Orgonian Article


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After I read read this I had to register so I could comment. I guess the have to approve my comment before its posted. If you do decide to post a comment, please keep it clean and intelligent. The first one or two replies kinda make us look like idiots. Especially jtusk's reply. LOL. http://blog.oregonlive.com/oregonianatv/20...ppen_why_a.html Heres more. OregonLive.com: ATV I guess it pisses me off when people who dont even ride are suddenly ATV experts. The way they described DuneFest last year kinda got to me. "The wildest ATV party of the year"? I was there. It wasnt wild. There were thousands of people there and I only saw one or two incidents in the 5 days I was there. The ATV industry and their poor design? Give me a break. We all know there is a risk of injury when riding. We choose to take that risk. How many members here have been hurt on your quad or at least had an accident? Probably most of you guys at one time or another. Now, how many of you would blame it on the quad? Poor design? LOL. I know my accidents (and there have only been a small handful out of the hundreds of times I been riding) were due to Mikey error not Honda's "Poor design". We have to take a stand guys. Any of you here in the Portland area who have been watching the news know we have been getting slammed the last couple days after a recent ATV fatality. Not sure about the details on that one. I think some woman (my condolances to her family) was riding sideways on a hill with a passenger? And it rolled? Imagine that. Yeah, the engineers at Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, etc better hurry up and get workin on that one.

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It's sad that we can no longer find news... it has to be swayed by some idiot expert who just happens to have an opinion and the means to spread it as if the opinion, not the news, was the news. That's all I got out of the article. Congrats to Mr. Jeff Manning who hopefully furthered his career with idiotic reporting. Bravo.

It is nice to see some of the comments bashing the article on the site.... but then there are those that act as if "only I knew this before." Come on now. Seriously.

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