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  1. thanks for reply have adjusted carburettor wont idle slower without cutting out spark not the best so am thinking bad cdi or coil
  2. Hi my linhai 300 is hard to start and engages gears at idle which is 1200 rpm was looking at cdi says on it 7500 rpm does this mean quad should idle at 7500 rpm as this would explain transmission problemb as idle is too high thanks gary
  3. Hi can anyone help my 2008 linhai quadzilla 300 is clutch is not doing its job properly the drive is engaging at idle speed slightly Can I adjust this and if so how thanks
  4. Hi can't get my linhau quadzilla 300 e into 4 wheel drive and at time s sounds an alarm until switched back to 2 wheel drive I checked oil in front diff and fuses any one any ideas please
  5. thanks again for input yes ive been all over it cant think it doesnt have drain plug the front and rear diffs have drainn plugs perhaps it could be small screw or somthing im missing
  6. Yes fill cap with dip stick the one on the left of picYes fill plug with dip stick
  7. Taken skid plate off absolutely nothing on bottom of transmission case can't work it out but thanks for help
  8. found and done engine oil but cant for the life of me find transmisiion oil drain plug thanks for help glad i dont have to take skid plate off
  9. thanks for help glad i dont have to take skid plate off
  10. Hi can anyone tell me where to locate the oil drain plugs for engine and also transmission oil on this ate only appears to be a skid pan underneath And if possible type and quantity of oil required thanks gary
  11. thanks frank the plug is soaked in gas no oil smells rich of gas like it is flooded bike was parked up for a year before i recently purchased it
  12. Hi I have a 2008 quadzilla 320e ,engine is sound but takes a lot of starting when left a day or so turns over well misfires ,change plug and starts straight up and will run fine and restart at the touch of the button anyone point me in right direction where to look thanks
  13. hi just purchased linhai quadzilla 300 e 2008 am looking for service /repair manual

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