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  1. Ah I see learning though can't thank you enough for your time top guy
  2. The wire p is pink looks like it goes ignition un plugged ignition and still had continuity on red and black with cdi plugged in so imagine that rules out ignition switch too ...getting hang of this now thanks again for help
  3. Hi frank sorry again ...just found continuity on black red wire coming from pick up coil on cdi side un plug cdi and no continuity ..short in cdi looks good bet you reckon ?
  4. The first thing to go wrong was the electronic 2x4 to 4x4 sensor which ended up buzzing as soon as I put ignition it is now unplugged could this have been a short in here and freed the cdi ?
  5. Also plugged in new regulator while starter is isolated and still popped fuse Red wire is showing continuity while it is attached to starter but dissconected from solenoid but the wire looks good ,there is no kill switch that's the only part that varies on diagram just a switch on front brake to let starter to operate ,starter turns over fine
  6. Just been retesting frank and original starter is now showing continuity but there are 3 what I take to be ground wires attached where one side is bolted on as per pic also getting this reading from end fuse as per pic but no continuity beep Also plugged in new regulator while starter is isolated and still popped fuse
  7. Could there be a short. On charging circuit causing new regulator to pop fuse not had chance to test everything with continuity yet ?
  8. Seemed to be not turning over fast enough but no difference with new replaced solenoid too ,was going to leave regulator for now as it did start and run with regulator un plugged
  9. No old one does not pop fuse but don't get any reading testing old one with volt meter new ones test out OK but blow fuse
  10. Yes still pops fuse.. But we're cheapo regulators
  11. Was just starter showing continuity which was replacement so removed and fitted original which shows no continuity engine turns over ok but still no spark have to wait for new cdi to arrive I suppose could it have been the short in starter destroyed the cdi ?
  12. Just continuity on starter now not on solenoid ...sorry about all this frank but glad of the help
  13. Un plugged and still getting continuity

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