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  1. It does idle like a champ just can't push the throttle without the backfire .
  2. I bought a 360 prairie that was having a problem with a backfire through the carb . The thing is making me crazy ! I have changed plugs , coil ,cleaned the fuel tank , rebuilt the carb 2 times and tried another on it that ran fine , checked the valves and finally changed the head thinking it might be a valve because when I got it it had a bad intake boot which I changed . Nothing has helped so far . Anyone have any ideas other than a gallon of gas and a match lol .
  3. I been looking to change the size of my wheels. What will Orr without rubbing ?
  4. Also shows a constant 12v at the spark plug wire
  5. Yes I have a spark tester on the wire and have tried putting the plug on it also no spark . But with the key on I have 12 v when I check the plug with a test light also on both sides of the coil . I have also checked the coil with the key off no 12 v but when I checked it to see if it was ground it shows it is grounded on both sides with the key off . So 12v on ground when off . I checked the kill switch it's ok the switch ok took the wires out of the tape all check ok . I am stumped !
  6. Did you figure this out I have a 300 with the same problem and i am stumped . I have looked at everything even all the wiring amd cant see any problem . New stator , new cdi, new pickup and new coil everything cks good
  7. I have a friends 300 Bayou in my garage that I can't get to fire ! I have changed pickup coil ,stator , coil, CDI , plug, rectifier,checked the fuses and wiring , the switches . Could the Magnito be bad ? Any ideas ? I need HELP ! Lol
  8. Ok got it firing and now it will start . Problem is it just sits and kinda idles like an engine out of time and if i touch the throttle it dies immediatly . I have cleand the carb and then pulled the carb off another one i have and swapped them it runs great on the other bike and mine does the same on this one barely idles . I have checked for clogged exhaust , made sure fuel flow is good checked valve lash and timing . I am out of ideas i think i will pull the head next and check the gasket . The compression is around 130 lbs . Im lost ! Anyone got any ideas ? HELP !!!
  9. Yes I tried that also . I did finally get it started it ran about 5 minutes and died now it's not firing . I am beginning to think I may have sone sort of ignition coil or wiring problem . Will update as soon as I figure it out !
  10. I have an old '89 big bear 350 that I am having trouble with . I have cleaned the carb , install ed a new stator , pulsar coil , ignition coil , CDI box ,new plug , timing is dead on , and a new intake boot , compression test says 125 lbs . When I crank it over it will start , but won't run it acts as if it's either got a bad vacuum or compression leak or is out of time . If you have any input maybe it will help I am about out of ideas . When I got it it was not firing and the guy said he had it idling and it just died and wouldn't start . I have ordered a new carb but have my doubt's it's going to help because this is the second carb I have cleaned and installed on it . Any Ideas ?

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