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  1. Long story short....I didn't do anything to it. Rode all weekend and didn't have any additional problems.
  2. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to ride...will check it out this weekend.
  3. Thanks for comments...I did check the oil before this happened and it was actually a little below the full line. After the incident, I waited until it cooled and it checked about the same. Also, I was riding wheelies on it a few hours before the oil spit out...but when it happened I had driven about 3 miles at 25mph on flat surfaces.
  4. 2005 750 Kawasaki Brute Force...oil started sptting out near my airbox. I've never had problems with my Brute Force until today. It is running fine. After the oil began to spit out, I let it cool and checked the oil level which was fine. Looks like it's coming out of a hose that goes from my crankcase to the airbox.....any suggestions ???

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