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  1. HI everyone. I ride a raptor 660 2004. I just had a new clutch installed last summer. I didn't ride much the winter but a few times on the ice and mud. So now its spring and i took it out again but i noticed that the clutch isnt catching very well. I hope the new clutch isn't gone, but don't you need to adjust your clutch as you break in your new clutch? Any help would be appreciated thanks!
  2. Its a 660r but i'll try to post some pics or something
  3. Raptor is finally fixed. New clutch, brake rotor, caliper is cleaned, brake pads new, and i'm finally takin it out tommorow..Bout time
  4. you guys call monster beast...huh? Where i'm from we call milwaukees best. "Beast" not monster.
  5. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2A2Jt4WOxN8&feature=related]YouTube - Somewhere Over the Rainbow[/ame] Israel Kamakawiwo Ole's version of Somewhere over the Rainbow. I like this version just cause louis armstrongs voice is too rough for my taste but both great artists.
  6. Ha, Well i'm gonna order my own parts and just let them do the clutch only.. If my calculations are correct it should cut down the price to around 500-560 depending on how much the shop is going to charge me for labor. So its not too bad, but much better than 850 dollars. Also it takes them a week to get parts...what a joke; i can get mine in two days.
  7. So i just got a call back from the shop..They said New clutch kit, Rear brake Disc, Calibration kit or something like that. and just about an hour and a half of labor for each part and with a grand total of.............................850$ dollars. I think i'm going to do the brakes myself but i'm not touching anything to do with the clutch. So i guess thats that, Unless anyone wants to come help me with my clutch : )
  8. Hmm..Well i hope i don't have to sue anybody.
  9. They are behind schedule so they should be looking at it before monday and hopefully me getting it back by next friday for the weekend.
  10. I haven't rode/sat-on/looked at my quad in 7 days! I think i'm going to loose it! Called the shop, turns out they haven't looked at it yet : ( Probably won't get my baby back till school starts which is even worse! I'm sure everyone has gone threw this before.

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