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  1. Im almost positive its not private. The owners of it allow people to go up there. They dont have any signs saying its private property and everyone who lives up there goes. They have many cook outs and rides/races. Its an awesome place to ride. Its always nice when you can ride somewhere worry free! you should come and ride with us sometime...let us take you for some crazy rides
  2. I have road in all the joyners and the trooper is def. one of the meanest machines available! My uncle owns a t2 and also sells them so i have experience with them and they def. step up to the plate and ride so nice!!!!
  3. Thanks... oh and this spot is located in Eastern Kentucky. There are also wild horses that run around right there but i think i had already scared them off!
  4. Im not preggo anymore and can finally go back to my fav. spot!!!!
  5. I like the 800 more cause they are smaller in width and can go more places where I live:) and if i wanted it to go as fast or faster than the 1100 I could add on a turbo or put a comp. chip in it... not too bad...
  6. Awe...thats so nice:) when ya having a lil one...haha get ready for that honeymoon:)
  7. Like the one im Jumping is 113x68x58 and the 1100 sv is 122x75x59, but the utv 800 is only 60 inches wide...the 1100 is 65 inches wide.
  8. The one I am jumpin is an 800 cc and it comes in posi traction now so its even better and its 9,799, and the 1100 cc is 10799.... but I like the 800 cause its more narrow.. but i ride on some small trails sometimes also.. they are bad ass...lets just put it that way!
  9. Well two wheel or four wheel.. they have 650's, 800's and 1100cc 4x4's and in the two wheel drive they have 250, 650, 800, 1100, 2000cc and one that even has 400 hp with an ls2 corvette engine in it....oh ya... haha check out this site... Sportbikes Joyner Side by Sides McCoy Motorsports
  10. :reddevilc: It's in my blood! I love it! Well just have one when you are ready!!! Its always fun when they get to the age where you can have them start 2! I mean you can always put some training wheel on a 50 dirt bike or start em out on a lil four wheeler... haha my dad would back pack my brother at 6 months old on and would ride his dirt bike... I think my mom got a lil more protective when it came to her lil "girl" them she realized how much I was like them and couldnt stop me.... haha
  11. This was prob. the one the funnest rides I had in my life... And yes that is me in there jumping...the 800 Joyner is WICKED
  12. Thanks guys... This is my uncles... I had one set up for me in purple... but i got preg... and that money went to uhhh savings... it hurt my heart a little bit but hey... we all ride together and swap out so its cool! I still get to ride em all!! They keep saying they will see me in one when the baby is about six months with a car seat! hey, I guess its just in my blood... I cant help it...
  13. It is!!!! I still love to four wheel though... haha it depends on my mood I guess.. If I feel like being by myself I will ride my motorcycle or the 4 wheeler.. When im in the mood for the lovely fam. We ride the Joyners:)

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