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  1. I went to the Costa Mesa 2010 Sand Sport Show today. It was great. I have never seen such trick stuff. Sunday is the last day. If you have a chance you should go!
  2. SCRider

    New Here

    Hi Joe, Welcome to the site. What are you looking for next? Bill
  3. Went to a new place Saturday. Stoddard Wells. It was a lot of fun. Sunday was my daughters Birthday so we had friend over and BBQ'd and went swimming. Monday I will be cleaning the quads and rhino. Back to work on Tuesday. But we sure had a good time Saturday!
  4. Hi js, Welcome to the site. I'm in LA County, where do you ride? SCRider
  5. Hi Wily, welcome to quadcrazy. I had a 1987 Warrior and loved it. I had it for 10 years. Do you do any desert riding?
  6. I replaced the axel in my son's 05 400EX. I used some thread locker on the threads and used two large wrenches on the nuts to lock them inplace. Good luck.
  7. Great pictures! We have been talking about going to Arizona to visit friends and go riding. I am more excited now to go. I have been to Quartz Site and it was great. I will check out the links you have on you first post. Thanks, Bill
  8. Good job! It looks and sounds great! I'm still stock on mine. Maybe someday.
  9. I like your way the best and it sounds fun. I never see any creeks here in the desert. I hope someday to be able to ride other places other than here. Bill
  10. Hi, I am glad to say I don't have that problem here, the cold that is. When I clean the quads and Rhino I take a garden sprayer and mix up Simple Green and water. Then I spray everything with it. Let is sit for just a few minutes then hose it off. Then I can hit is with a rag and soap and it comes out great.
  11. No they don't all fit. I had to sell 2 of them. I get the Rhino and 2 quads in. My son-n-law trucks his quad out when he can go.
  12. [ATTACH]274[/ATTACH] Here is a picture of all the toys and transport.
  13. Yes I use them. I have the LED type. In California the BLM and the State are starting to require them on ATVs. I like it on the night rides also.
  14. That is to cool! I will have to put that on my work computer. I have never been able to pass by bubble wrap with out popping at leat 5!:biglaugh:
  15. :laugh:Welcome Nate, those are great pictures. I hope to ride in the snow someday. Good job on your first quad. That is a mean looking machine.

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