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  1. i can't seem to get my pic to upload in here!?
  2. Anyone have any input on what is the best full exhaust set up (header and muffler) for an 06' 400 EX? Looking to upgrade but there are many options with reviews that aren't very helpful. Also include info on what jet size i will be needing with the choosen exhaust. Looking at either a Pro Circuit or Yoshimura, but whatever anyone thinks, i'd appreciate the advice! Thanks!
  3. replaced the axle bearings, o-rings, seals, and spacer, now it's $$$$ again. Thanks anyway man!
  4. i'm not a big fan of polaris ATV's, although my buddy has a regular predator w/a little motor work, and it's pretty quick. My stock banshee was nothing but problems, also not very good on gas, not to mention having to mix the gas sucks. i would go with a 400 with some mods or maybe the 450, but dont top it out in the trails for long at all, or you're asking for problems. (buddy just blew his up at Black River Falls) if polaris is yo thing, go with that, i ride a stock 400 ex, and have no problem keeping up tho! Good luck in your search!!!
  5. my bad, the collar is to the right of the lock nut. Can anyone help me???
  6. I have an 08' 400ex, and have some issues with the rear brake rotor and axel lock nut. The rotor has almost an 1/8 of an inch of play both left to right and up and down(i tried to tighten the allen bolts that hold the rotor to the hub, they are tight), and the axel lock nut and "collar" (the piece to the left of the nut, w/e it may be called) have a bit of play as well, yet they are not loose enough to be spinning on the axel. Both the nut and the "collar" are moving, but they are still together, with no play in between each other. What could this be? axel bearings? bad threads on the axel?

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