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  1. the 4x4 will engage, sometimes it takes longer than others but it does engage. and if it doesn't, i throw the wheeler in neutral, shut it off restart it and then try again and it works. the clunking seems to be coming from the front, could be the front dif. sounds front right, when i ride again i can give you more details. Boot/axle seemed clean, but wheels seemed like they were doing this \ / instead of the normal | | of course the angles weren't nearly that severe, but you get the idea.
  2. In that last part, where I was talking about the slowing down part, that was just another problem I was concerned about, that may have been influential to the transmission issue, but its not that big of a deal. my main concern is the clunking, the non-responsiveness, and the 2wd 4wd alert blinker, I do not have an owners manual and thats why I'm a little confused Thank you for the suggestions though, and keep them coming all help is welcomed.
  3. well.... this is a little strange... Occasionally when I am riding my Suzuki Twinpeaks 700 ('04) I will flip the thumbswitch to switch from 2wd, to 4wd (this its just a simple thumbswitch on the left side handgrip) and sometimes, I will get a blinking indicator light, and a non responsive transmission change. Also, sometimes I will get a little bit of clunking before it changes, and i have to slow down to a very slow speed before the transmission will make the switch. Any ideas? sometimes it does this, sometimes it does not. Ill throw out a percentage here 60% Works flawlessly 30% Only a blinking indicator light, remedy is simply restart the quad. 5% Indicator light, clunk and no transmission shift 2.5% Indicator light, Clunk, and transmission shift. 2.5% Clunk, transmission shift Any help is welcomed :] thank you for reading this post.
  4. quick question: with your push button 4x4, as your riding and you push the button, say going around 30 MPH, does it switch right away? or does it wait till you decelerate to activate the 4x4?
  5. whats a harescramble? just a shortened race? ~edit~ Never mind, i read up on it~ thanks for the point out on that
  6. ohhh cooool! alright thanks for the clarifications =] Thanks for everyones help! very much appreciated. By the way, those videos were great stoopidbot
  7. yeah but i thought i read that it needs to be chain driven? mine is a belt
  8. uh oh... I dont think I can meet the requirements for that. Transmission: V-belt CVT automatic with high/low range sub-transmission, 2WD/4WD front differential Final Drive: Shaft drive Bummer.
  9. Heres a Stock version of my quad for an up close and heres my ATV.
  10. Well, i have a 700cc suzuki twinpeaks. i figured it was a sport utility because it just seems sporty. i guess it could be just a utility atv, but im not entirely sure how they classify atvs
  11. So, ive been searching for a while but cannot seem to find a racing league for a 16 year old teen that rides a 700cc sport utility quad:aargh:. does anyone know of a league or a series or a something? any help at all would be much appreciated.
  12. you should post a pic of your helmet(s) too! im kinda curious...
  13. Im looking to join an atv club in minnesota, but have no ideas on where to start searching for one! so, if your a minnesotan, and you live near or around the cities, or brainerd area, let me know if you want to ride sometime, or if you have any information on a club! thanks a bunch!
  14. okay i have a question, What is re-jetting? and how do I do it?

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