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  1. The gauge on the top is broken for sure. The level/sensor may or may not be damaged. The parts are not that expensive I just can not find out how to remove and replace them. My manual shows the part but no instructions.
  2. My name is Wily, Coderummer is a nick name from ambulance days of old. I own 2 quads at this time '97 Yamaha Kodiak 400 4x4 '97 Yamaha Warrior 350 2wd I just purchased the Kodiak to use on trials as well as on the Drag Strip as I work safety during the summer. I joined both to get to know other owners and find the experts on the site. Code
  3. I have a 97 Kodiak 400 4x4 and the fuel gauge in the tank was damaged when I got it. I would like to replace it and Yamaha has given me a price of $50 for the parts. I have a Clymer manual but it does not give the remove and replace instructions for the fuel gauge only the tank. Any wizard out there that can give me the info or point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance Code
  4. What a strange event! I just now joind the group and also have just purchased a 1997 Yamaha Kodiak. Got a great deal on mine as well. Loking for some help on a couple of mino issues and will explore the site before posting. Nice looking quad. I am in CA and will use mine for trails and on the drag strip next summer on the crash safety team.

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