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  2. Listen I know where to buy parts. I want to see a real bayou with the part installed not some stock photo of a honda or suzuki with a part that "fits" a bayou or a part laying on the shop floor.
  3. They are if you want generic stock photos. I was looking for real parts bolts on a real bayou.
  4. Interested in looking at anything aftermarket made for this specific bike. Stuff like floorboards, bumpers, winch mounts, or light guards.
  5. Got a list of needed parts for my project 1. rubber duct that connects carb to airbox 2. choke cable 3. front bumper grille guard 4. front rack 5. blue tool/storage box lid Also interested in any aftermarket bayou specific accessories. Things like floorboards, bumpers (front and rear), production winch mounts.
  6. For reference, mainly mine but will explain in case somebody stumbles across it and needs it. I don't have the factory headlights so I have no clue. rear tail light bulbs - US model 67, euro model 1157 overheat bulb - 194 reverse bulbs - 74 neutral bulb - 74 Headlights, putting flood beam 18watt led pods in their place for low beams. A 20 inch bar with spot beam will be added later if I need high beams. A 1156 will fit in the tail lights, since I'm swapping in red LEDs heat from a larger bulb is a non issue. If using incandescence bulbs a 1156 burning all the time might overheat the housing and melt it (or worse). Later gonna try to convert it to euro spec with working brake lights, wiring looks to already be in harness just need to add brake switch and install correct sockets in housings. Overheat I'm putting in a red LED. Reverse and neutral bulbs I have some white bulbs already. Gonna try them but might swap out to correct color bulbs later. Reverse has a red lens and neutral has a green lens. Bayou my buddy was looking at turned out to be a total basket case 220, not a 4x4. Plastics all busted, sitting on blocks with no rims, and engine is blown. Got enough projects for now.
  7. For anybody paying attention. Ran the VIN on this thing and what I was told was a 93 is actually a 94 model. Finally got the manual to download, thanks. Haven't had time to work on this thing much, just order parts. The carb came in but seems they took the choke cable off with the carb so I ordered that. Didn't notice it missing before. Replaced all the tail light and dash light bulbs with LEDs. Ordered silicone hoses to replace all the cracking/brittle rubber vent lines. I did get it to turn over and it's getting spark so I'm hopeful on that. Only other major missing piece on the engine is the rubber duct that connects the carb to the air box. Been looking ebay over for one that looks in good shape. Also found the muffler has a small rust hole in the bottom of it. Pretty sure I can weld it up but I'm most likely gonna build a 3 chamber muffler for it. Looked around for the trail tech I have. That will give me a speedo but more importantly a tach, temp gauge, volt gauge, . Best I can tell this bike didn't come with the optional speedo. The grease monkey in me thinks internal combustion engines should have real gauges. I'd rather know when something is going wrong not have a light flashing at me after the fact. If it ain't too hot today gonna take some old road signs I have and build some cv guards for it just to do something. My grandpa retired from the county road department so my signs are legal (somewhat) and not stolen off the side of the road. Picked up some 1/6th inch steel and a few cardboard boxes to start building a bumper for it also. Fab work gonna come down the road after I get it running good enough I know I can bolt the plastics back on without having to remove them again. My buddy stopped by and said his neighbor has an old bayou 4x4 sitting behind his shop. He said the guys teenager was trying to tear it up, done a good job, and he pushed it back there. My buddy said he can most likely get it free. Doubt I'm lucky enough it's a 400 and have the pieces I'm missing.
  8. Yeah I knew tucking it behind the factory bumper was a pipe dream. Why I haven't even tried to search for one. I have a dozen plate bumpers under my belt now for trucks and jeeps, just nothing this small. At least with a 6 foot long bumper you can chop it up into a few facets to transition gradually. With something this short you have to be careful or it looks chopped up. Also have to be careful to not end up with 300lbs hanging off the front. I had planned on using 1/8 inch steel for the main plate the winch mounts to and then the rest be 1/16th thick to save weight My buddy said he might be able to get me a bunch of 4 foot long 1/8 inch thick 4 inch wide aluminum tho. That would look good with a brushed finish but I know my OCD I'll have to build the racks out of aluminum with a matching finish. Then the racks and bumper will be worth more than the bike, lol. So far I only have $60 in the thing and only building a farm rig not something to make Ostacruiser jealous.
  9. Yeah there is no room anywhere to tuck one out of the way unless you want to mount one on the rear. I got my bike sitting now without the plastics on it (soaked it in degreaser and pressure washing it) so I got a good clear view. Been thinking of building something like this Have a led pod in each "wing" for headlights. The winch can kinda go behind a vented panel in the middle but leave it open enough the radiator still gets air. Instead of just a loop on top have that be the front rack mount like on the factory bumper. Just eyeballing on how to try to run around the rad with a few extra secure mounting points to the main frame. Just need to finish getting the bike cleaned so I can break out some cardboard to try to design it. I know it's gonna have to stick out further than the factory but I figured I can angle the wings back to the body to make it blend in and not look like a steel box mounted to the front end.
  10. I understand. I do have fenders just no rack. Been searching for one that wasn't all bent up but seems if one pops up they want an arm and leg for it. I'm cheap and not paying $100 for a beat to crap rack when I can buy some 1/2 inch tube and bend my own for a 1/4 of that. I need to go check and make sure the small die I have is 1/2 inch, it might be 3/4. Oh well if it 3/4 inch I'll just build both racks and sale the factory rear. Still undecided on the missing front bumper. I'd like to have a winch and have high hopes of building something like a plate bumper for it that holds that, new led pods for headlights, and protect the front somewhat. The aftermarket bumper that came on our Kodiak when I got that bike (used) looks like it was designed by Ray Charles. I don't know who built it (it's well made and powdercoated) but the closest I can describe it is take a winch bumper off a 1977 chevy and bolt it to a 2018 ford. I don't mind it not being 100% OEM original I just want it to look like it belongs on it instead on made to fit.
  11. Thanks, hard to tell looking at pictures but I would guessed it was square. Then again I guess it really don't matter since it looks like I'm gonna be forced to make my own I can make it whatever shape I want.
  12. Any other owners out there if you don't mind can you give me the width and length of the factory front rack? I think its the same on 93-99 models. Thanks
  13. I've rebuilt a starter on an old tractor and for $30 extra I would buy one some other sucker has already suffered on.

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