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  1. It is a hand-me-down from my father in law. He bought it new and uses it on his farm. I thought it was strange too since both back tires are new and it should have been noticed when they were changed. When I took the wheel off the hub nut was loose and the cotter pin was in three pieces laying in the wheel dust cap. There was some rust on the axle splines so it was loose for a while. To be safe I replaced the hub and it was still a bit looser than it should be so I have an axle on order.
  2. I'll second the harbor freight gun. I used one for a while before upgrading and they paint pretty good.
  3. Changed the hub and it's a little looser than it should be but I'll torque it down and run it. We'll see how it holds up.
  4. It's the original. The rear tire where just changed and I'm surprised the dealership didn't notice it when they were changed
  5. Any idea what would cause the cotter pin to break and the nut to back off? The loose hub is wollored out so its trash and the axle splines show a little wear. I'm going to replace the hub and I'm curious how much play is acceptable before I need to replace the axle?
  6. You could also try one of the paint forums. SPI paint has a pretty friendly one
  7. In-laws passed down their old one to me..great for getting around on the farm
  8. I would imagine it would paint just like an automotive plastic bumper. You'll have to use a plastic adhesion promoter then prime and paint. Use a good catalyzed automotive paint and it should be resistant to gasoline.

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