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    I’m trying to get my wife to start riding. Maybe if I get a tame quad.
  3. Sold sons blaster so he could ride this.
  4. I am no pro at loading pictures. I rebuilt complete engine. I did a KOR diy port and polish, put o a toomey b1, it had works aftermarket shocks(that is why I painted it the colors I did), recovered seat from upholstery material not a purchased seat cover, Rebuilt swing arm, it had banshee hubs so I could share tires, oil injection block, restored faded plastics, graphics kit, dual stage reeds. I’m sure I forgot things I did. I built for my son but sold after 1 ride because I had a banshee to get running for him I picked up while doing the blaster.
  5. So I have a lot of free time in the winter and 2 yrs ago decided I wanted atvs but can’t afford them without getting my hands dirty. $90 to get told my banshee jetted taught me a lesson, just figure it out. So I picked up 2 blasters $125. Rebuilt yellows engine. Blue had full tear down.
  6. I’m new so not trying to make anyone irratated but I hate painted plastics. I have had to strip too many to restore the old bad plastics underneath. A little work and you could have decent plastics. There are numerous ways to improve appearance depending on the current condition. And the best is all paint will chip off at some point and look even trashier than now.
  7. Dad sold his Big red to buy me and my brother a 87 Yamaha champ. Still have it.
  8. Was looking for people to tell me some of the better trails around provo? Maybe meet up and ride. Thanks

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