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  2. The riding up here is GREAT. IF I could just learn to embrace the snow. Then Snowmobiling is even better, you can ride your sled from the Bangor Maine area 200 - 300 miles uninterrupted east, north or west using the ITS system to a number of border crossing and into Canada, with regular gas, food and motel stops along the way.
  3. My wife & I are getting tired of 0 degree high for the day and 10' of snow for the 5 month long winter season. and are looking for a warmer place to spend the winter. We would need a place with lots of ATV trails and places to put our kayaks in and do some fishing. Shopping malls, etc are NOT even a consideration. as long as we have a gas station and food store, we're good. we also need to have some "elbow room" without being stuff in with neighbors on all sides. to put this in perspective we live in Aroostook County, Maine which is about the size of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined, but with a total population of 70,000 or about 10 people per sq mile. so we're used to going 30+ miles without seeing anyone except a moose or maybe a bear. another words, I want to replace the this picture with these pics. we would either rent a place for the winter, or buy a travel trailer / toy hauler to live in. Dave
  4. I use a Garmin InReach Explorer coupled via Bluetooth to the Earthmate app on my android phone. This give me the topo map that matches the Delorme Maine Gazetteer maps (a must have for the Northern Maine woods) The main reason is that 80% of where I ride has no cell phone coverage. I'm typically 20 miles or more away from the nearest tower. and the InReach give me satellite Text message, email and 911 capability. Also if I'm riding alone it drops a waypoint every 10 minutes so my wife (or others I give the URL to) can check the Garmin web page map and see where I am. After 12 hours on the trails I've used about 10% of the battery life.
  5. more Mt Katahdin area ATV pics. Though not at the Katahdin Lodge.
  6. Legal max atv width in ME is 60" , so your rzr xp won't fit between either the rocks or posts they use at trail entrances and you'll get a ticket if caught. The farther North you travel the more extensive the trail system. North of Newport you'll find 60+ Mike long trails with regular gas and food stops. I wouldn't plan on your cell phone working, as coverage gets very spotty / non existent in places The southern and western part of the state tends to be crowded with shorter trails.

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