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  1. Are you getting fuel to the plug? If so, have you checked for fuel in the oil. I have seen fresh rebuilds have fuel wash down the cylinder walls and keep you from starting the bike. I have even had it happen to an old Dodge truck. The more you try to start it, the more fuel you get in the crank case.
  2. It could be a loose or breaking ground. They can be like chasing a ghost. Just check them all. Look for dry rotted cashing.
  3. Have you checked all of your grounds ? I would look for loose, dirty, or even cracked wires that could have corrosion inside.
  4. Hello all! I am new to the page and this is my first post. If I get things screwed up, just verbally slap me, and tell me what to do. I have an 87 Moto4 350 that I bought as a project 2 years ago. I have stripped it down and scrubbed all the Mississippi mud out of it and have put it back together and am beginning the process of trying to get it running. I have fixed many things on it, but have stumbled on the fact that it has weak spark. Just want to hear what I should check first and how. Thanks in advance!

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