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  2. Having trouble finding a kill switch (for a reasonable price for this bike) for an 87 Honda TRX250. Is there any other model that might switch that might work?
  3. Bought a new throttle cable for an 87 Honda trx250. It measures to be a 10mm. When I went to the hardware store to buy the tap i took the cable with me for good measure and the employee helping me said "oh those have a special pitch and a regular 10mm tap wont work". Is he correct?? Thanks
  4. I reallllllly hope not to put quite that much in mine but I know how I am. If i get it running, I won't stop until I've spent 3x more on it than its worth.
  5. My solution for the plastic is to cut pieces of plastic of a similar thickness, Gorilla glue them into the holes and cover the entire thing in a vinyl camo wrap.......assuming I can get the carb issues worked out and get it running
  6. From what Im reading on the ole interweb a lot of people just drill and re-thread but thats going to leave the walls around the cable dangerously thin so Im hoping to avoid that.
  7. I bought it on Amazon and so far have had no luck tracking down any info for the manufacturer. I found an aftermarket cable for $9 on Amazon as well so I ordered it on a prayer that it might work.
  8. Where do start. The carb had very few "moving parts". Ordered an after market but the throttle cable is too big to screw in, still looking for a solution there. It was stuck in reverse (which I was actually able to fix), the gas tank (which is plastic) looked like it was full of rust and it appears, from looking at the plastic, to have hit every tree in north Louisiana during its lifetime. Thats the short version. The motor will turn over and I only gave $100 for it. I just want something I can leave at the camp and not have to worry about it getting stolen. Hoping to just get it running without having to take out a second mortgage.
  9. i bought an 87 for $100......hoping not to get to $10,000 before it runs
  10. Looks like its still in good shape. my 87 looks much worse.
  11. I just bought an 87 trx250......I probably should have asked this question long before now Im too far in to stop at this point.
  12. How about "rebuilding red and hoping to ride at some point if I can get to the level of downloading a manual on this site.........club"?
  13. Jesus thats a lot of manuals
  14. 12 packs make the world go round
  15. Hey, I am a novice quad mechanic and I'm new to the forum and have a question. I have a 1987 Honda TRX250 that I ordered a new carb for. After countless hours of research I chose an aftermarket (because I couldn't find an OEM) that was supposed to be "plug and play", and as you can probably figure, it wasn't. Throttle cable is about 4 times to big to screw into the carb. Has anyone else run into this? Is it easier to find an aftermarket cable (which i haven't had much luck at) or just drill and re-thread the carb to accept the OEM cable? (btw.....the company that sells the carb doesn't sell throttle cables) Thanks

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