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  2. Well y'all, you're gonna love this. Took the carb back apart and realized I used the (smaller) slide spring from the old OEM carb, thinking the smaller spring would be easier to install and yield the same results. Looks like the smaller slide spring was allowing the throttle to sit mostly open at idle, causing it to rev high. Put everything back together with the bigger carb spring, reseated the slide, fiddled with my idle and slow jet screw and voila - she fired up on the first pull and purred. Now to take care of the final problem - riding the quad causes the rear axle to roll forward and pop the chain off. Now where to find these nuts and bolts, hmmm... hardware store after work today and might post a video of the $20 scrapyard special running and driving. thanks for all the help fellas!
  3. It purred like a kitten with the old oem carb, sans air filter/airbox/plumbing. Running it without that setup definitely shouldn't lean the engine out this much but it'll get a new air cleaner when it's ready to run. I'll check for air leaks tomorrow after work - actually wondering what might have happened to that flimsly little rubber o ring inside the carb cap and wondering if that's causing it.
  4. Figured out how to get the choke lever assy together - am now facing the problem of a stupidly high idle when the carb is not choked. (Front butterfly valve all the way open.) When I choke it about 90% (butterfly valve mostly closed) it actually idles OK. The second I take my finger off the choke and the butterfly valve opens the rpms go crazy high. This can't be right - is there something I need to adjust that I haven't?
  5. Bump. No one has a quick rundown of how the choke lever/spring assy goes together? This is my only hurdle at the moment, the high idle makes it impossible to ride.
  6. My 86 is completely naked! Looks like a good groundwork project man, id keep at it. Dump out the old fuel and replace it with fresh, give it an oil change and fresh battery!
  7. Fairings still intact and it runs? I'd make those small repairs and enjoy your lifelong toy. Hoping my 86 trx200 can get back to this point.
  8. I had a no spark issue and it ended up being a R/B wire that was not connected on the main harness - if you've shaken down everything else already might want to look for wiring gremlins.
  9. Interesting problem here. The scrapyard $20 honda quad fired up for the first time in 6 months today after being rewired and getting a new carb and fuel valve. I currently still need a new choke cable, and want the choke lever to remain in a static position so it can run at the right mixture without it. Can anyone shed some light on how to assemble the choke lever and return spring so the carb flap doesnt oscillate wildly? Attached a short video of the problem. Any insight is greatly appreciated! P.S - it probably doesnt help that i paid no attention to how it went together while disassembling it for the install. Is replacing one of these springs truly a lost art? I can't find aany tutorials anywhere and am running out of ideas 20180815_123435.mp4
  10. Wish there was a way to check spark for people like me that only have the recoil working, ha!
  11. Im in a similar situation with my 200sx. Have you checked the ICM?
  12. Was wondering why none of these were working - sucks I need one for my 86!
  13. Bought from a wrecking yard for $20. Best part was it fired up and purred on the first pull of the starter. The bad? It sat for 8 months while I collected parts and now I have no spark! It's currently sitting with an un-wired run/off and light switch (possibly the issue? I just replaced it and havent bothered wiring.) It got a new carb and is getting plenty of fuel. Also installed a new spark plug. Thoughts?

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