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1986 250TRX - Salvage or scrap?


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A 1986 fourtrax 250 has been collecting dust in my garage after I pulled off the final drive. The engine is still good but the drive shaft u-joint and final drive are shot. I hate to scrap the thing, but I also don't want to spend more than a few hundred dollars getting her running again.




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Where do start.   The carb had very few "moving parts".   Ordered an after market but the throttle cable is too big to screw in, still looking for a solution there.   It was stuck in reverse (which I was actually able to fix), the gas tank (which is plastic) looked like it was full of rust and it appears, from looking at the plastic, to have hit every tree in north Louisiana during its lifetime.  Thats the short version.    The motor will turn over and I only gave $100 for it.  I just want something I can leave at the camp and not have to worry about it getting stolen.  Hoping to just get it running without having to take out a second mortgage.  

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New to the forum and first post. I was given a 1985 Honda TRX 250 for some work I did for a neighbor. Plastics were toast, seat was toast, tires were toast, but it turned over. After new aftermarket plastics $450.00, new gas tank $129.00, new tires $350, complete new electrical $400.00, new seat cover $30.00 and getting the title in my name $250.00 I have over $1600.00 invested into it. Its not worth that much, and I spent 3 years rebuilding it, but honestly it will go just about anywhere I want it to go and I have full faith in the machine.

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I still need to fix some small things on mine, like the Neutral light stays green all the time, even when you are in gear. Front and back racks need to be straightened, and need a new front light (will switch out to a LED light). But it is a fun trail ATV. No speed demon, but reliable.



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      The carb is fairly new.
      And I put high grade non ethanol gas in it hoping it would help some.
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      I have an 86 yfm250 (moto4 250) i picked up. 
      It bogs and pops a bit out the tailpipe if you can even get it higher up in the rpm. It is pretty gutless. I have other 250’s (timberwolves) and its ultra gutless compared to them. 
      It has an aftermarket carb on it that has a “W” on it  Its not a mikuni but it looks close  
      i figured jetting was off at the high end. 
      i had a mimuni that was very crusty, swapped the main jet into the W carb, and the needle, which was set on low slot 4 so left it there.  
      it actually ran much better, and cured what i thought was a problem caused by a lean condition from the W carbs main jet being too restricted when i compared to the factory mikuni  
      I had it out and was enjoying the upper rpms that i couldnt reach before without bog.  at wot it would fall on its face  low top speed.  
      after getting it hot, it would actually refuse to start after dying.
      back to the drawing board.
      when i first got it i adjusted the valves. So i retraced my work and thought maybe id overtightened. double checked, nope all good.  .005 exh , .003 intake, check.
      So i checked the compression. 
      here is the trickyness. help me understand this.  I am at 3500ft asl  in calgary canada  
      -  initiate test, it goes to 75psi right away. this is low. Even at my elevation im thinking 110psi minimum  
      but....this thing starts no problem. even -20c it starts. makes no sense to me. so i press the starter again and it goes to 85. Then i press it again and no change. Then i turn over again and it jumps to 95. Then again...no change. Then again and it goes to 115.  finally finishes at 120 and i cannot get it to go any higher than this. 
      ive repeated this multiple times. 
      i press and hold the starter...it will max at 75. Then a series of maybe 10 more quick turnovers from the starter and compression inches up to 120psi. 
      So, i think the low compression explains the low top end, and even the backfiring out the exhaust when hot. The exhaust is rich enough (incomplete combustion in chamber) and to ignite in the muffler. 
      it gets worse when hotter. 
      makes me think i have a crack, or something that is low down on the cylinder wall. When the piston stops just above it on the upstroke, and i then turn it over again, it adds pressure to my tester reading. 
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