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  2. I myself would start with the plug and work backwards. Replace plug, if that does not work then plug wire, and then replace coil.
  3. My worst crash was on my Rokon during Elk season towing my trailer with a full load of wood down hill in the mountains. Brakes went out and could not stop. Ended up crashing on the side of the gravel road, landed on a boulder and bruised my kidneys. It made for a terrible trip for the next week. The bike was just fine, not a dent on it. BTW, Rokon brakes are not the best!
  4. You can check by taking a bolt and threading it on the nut (or vise versa) and from there you should be able to find the correct pitch.
  5. Out of fuel? Fuel filter clogged? Have you checked the plug for spark?
  6. Just noticed the 3 wheeler photo category, love those pics! I have a 74 Honda ATC 90 that my son complained was to slow. We yanked the motor out, fabbed a mounting plate, and put in a 205cc lawnmower engine into it with a TAV2 torque converter. Now it will bring the front end up easily!
  7. If I remember correctly, those 300 King Quads were 5 speed semi auto. Left and right levers are brake controls. There should be a adjustment on the right side of the engine for the clutch adjustment.
  8. I still need to fix some small things on mine, like the Neutral light stays green all the time, even when you are in gear. Front and back racks need to be straightened, and need a new front light (will switch out to a LED light). But it is a fun trail ATV. No speed demon, but reliable.
  9. Greetings and salutations one and all. I will be the first to admit, I have addiction. My wife tolerates it, and my children love it. I have been building motorcycles and ATV's, ATC's for about 20 years. My children learned how to ride on a 1974 Honda ATC 90 at the age of 3. I average 5-7 motorcycles running at our house at all times, and possibly 3-6 not running. I am more into the older bikes (1969 Honda ATC, 1974 Honda ATC, 1984 Honda Big Red ATC, 1985 Honda TRX 250, 1979 Honda XR 185, 1979 Suzuki TC 100) but recently I purchased a 2007 Suzuki Kingquad 700. Wife loves the Kingquad. My 11 year old can tear down a engine and rebuild a carb without to much issue. He loves working in the shop with me, and riding. 6 year old just wants to ride. Here is WA they are sticklers for having a ORV tag on each bike. And to get one you must have a title. You see now how much of a pain it is to get a title for these old motorcycles. We do most of our riding on state and federal land while camping, so we get to make a good weekend out of it.
  10. I had a friend of mine complete this route on a duel sport bike, but what I have heard is that you can do sections with your ATV if you want to. Has anyone road this trail from Southern WA to Northern WA on a ATV? https://ridebdr.com/WABDR This is a 575 mile off road trip. There are towns along the way for gas and lodging.
  11. New to the forum and first post. I was given a 1985 Honda TRX 250 for some work I did for a neighbor. Plastics were toast, seat was toast, tires were toast, but it turned over. After new aftermarket plastics $450.00, new gas tank $129.00, new tires $350, complete new electrical $400.00, new seat cover $30.00 and getting the title in my name $250.00 I have over $1600.00 invested into it. Its not worth that much, and I spent 3 years rebuilding it, but honestly it will go just about anywhere I want it to go and I have full faith in the machine.

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