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  1. @Tim-ANC Can't seem to be able to download anything
  2. No blocker. We'll try again. Download starts for about a fourth of the way then stops
  3. I have tried to download a service manual and not having any luck can someone please help. I have a 1998 Suzuki king quad Lt- f4wdx engine is a 280. Thx for the help
  4. That was what I was thinking since site glass was a little bit in front of where you put oil in wasn't sure it was for oil Have tried to download in manual section but says I have to do 10 posts on here to be able to download it. So reason I am asking questions. Thx for the help
  5. Since I am new to having a quad I am looking as to how you check the oil and transmission I have a 1998 Suzuki king quad 4wd engine is a 280. I have found a plug at the back of it that says 10 w 40 on it. And a site glass up under front of back wheel on right side. And looks like there is a plug above it. Now do I put the oil in the back plug till it starts to run out or somewhere else to check it site glass seems a little far from it. Or site glass maybe for transmission. Thx for any help
  6. Thx for the reply. That's what I was thinking that both levers seemed to be brakes. Was wondering if there was a clutch or you just engage the gears.
  7. My dad has given me his 1998 Suzuki king quad 4 wd and trying to figure out all the controls on the handlebars I have figured out what most do What I am needing to know is does it have a clutch as it will grind and jump in gear to take off Both levers on each side seem to be brakes. Thought maybe be like motorcycle and left one would be clutch
  8. I have a 1998 Suzuki king quad that was given to me and was having starting issues but got that fixed and now the exhaust is getting red hot at the head was wondering what could cause that. That in advance for any info
  9. Looking for a service Manuel for a 1998 Suzuki king quad. Model Lt-f4wdx. Thx for any info

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