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  1. got my head back from the machine shop and this part was not there 2007 honda trx400ex cylinder head spring plunger #14126 kv2 940 #5 on the parts diagram i have the plunger part # 4 on the diagram. can i re assemble without the spring ?????. do i need the honda part of will a ball point pen spring do ? what is this part for
  2. 3 rides since the repair and NO LEAKS ....all good best $200 spent I'd say
  3. Yes...skill indeed...the welding shop is not cheap..but do excelent work.
  4. Problem solved...took it to a reputable welding shop ( engine still together ) and had them weld it up....works like a charm...only $200 for the repair, compared to stripping it down and replacing the engine case. 😋
  5. basmn


  6. Polaris offers an app called Ride command for your phone...it can track your rides and save them among other things. But I think you have to be a Polaris owner
  7. Thanks Frank...do you have a link to the secondary drain plugs please?
  8. I have a 2018 570 eps. I find the EBS to be quite strong , enough to skid the rear tires. To overcome this I add a touch of throttle and apply brakes...when decending . It's just a matter of getting used to it.
  9. A friend has a 07 trx 400ex..the engine drain bolt housing has a couple of cracks where the drain bolt threads in and is leaking oil...a one had any luck sealing this area with JB weld or something similar ?
  10. I have a poly dump trailer.aprox 4x3.came with the lawn tractor....use it with the quad as well.don't know what i would do without it
  11. I'm not going for a full wrap....just enough to give it character....i just don't want it to look like every other 570 out there.
  12. Over the winter i could only apply the wrap to panels that i could bring inside. Come spring i will finnish it.
  13. $87.00 CDN+ shipping $107 to the door

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