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  1. Thanks! Our son just moved to Washington recently from Mississippi! Our plans are to go through Montana and Idaho when we go see them.
  2. I have never been to Oregon, but it sure looks nice! BTW good lookin pup there!
  3. I LOVE GSDs!!! Here is Jasper my trail dog (horses)! I lost him in "95" never got another GSD after him.
  4. She's very pretty! I have always thought Basenji's were cool dogs! I'm just hooked on my Heelers!!! They're hard headed like me:yes:
  5. Right now I would have to say WOODS! If I wasn't such a wimp, I would like to try woods racing!! Little Sahara has heavy fast sand! Not so good for my utility! That's why I want a sand toy and a woods toy! I grew up in the sand, so I do love it, But I am having a blast learning to negotiate the woods!
  6. Someone mentioned puppy in another thread, Was wondering if any of you all had riding buddies? This is Grainger! He has been riding since he was 10 weeks old! We have created a monster:aargh: You can not start ANY machine without Grainger on or in it:rolleyes: When the trails get rough, he will get off and run ahead to wait, but if you don't stop to pick him up, you get cussed out big time:laugh:
  7. Hello, I'm Linda, and I lived in Lucerne valley Ca. then moved to the Ozark's. I guess you could say my ride is a rescue:yes: a 1987 bayou 300! She was abandoned and left to ruin! I got 1 year out of her before she needed heart surgery, which she is getting during hunting season! Upgrades to come! We have 10 acres and behind us is about 200 more we ride on! We have not hit the FS trails here yet but plan on it next year. We went last month to Oklahoma to check out the dunes in Waynoka! Very Cool!!! To old to go fast, so I like EXTREME trail riding! Ya know, like you have to have 4 wheel drive but don't!
  8. Thanks! Both! Trails with my quad, but I want one of these for the dunes!
  9. Hello, My name is Linda, I grew up in the Cali Desert with OHV's of all sorts! Horses too! We now live in the Arkansas Ozarks. Definitely different terrain, But I do love the challenges of the mountain trails here! My ride is an 1987 Bayou 300! I like it when people shake their head and say "Hmmm, I don't know!" Yeah, whatever! Just go! Anyway, We have 1 son and grandson that live in Washington. My hubby and I have been together for 22 years! Just wanted to say Hi!

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