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Riding Buddies ( dogs )

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Someone mentioned puppy in another thread, Was wondering if any of you all had riding buddies?

This is Grainger! He has been riding since he was 10 weeks old! We have created a monster:aargh: You can not start ANY machine without Grainger on or in it:rolleyes:

When the trails get rough, he will get off and run ahead to wait, but if you don't stop to pick him up, you get cussed out big time:laugh:

freedom 020.jpg


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I love herding dogs!

This is my German Shepherd Shasta riding a waverunner with me...


She would also ride in my golf cart when I had one! Now she will trot alongside as long as I don't go too far or too fast (she is 9 years old now)

And this is my little guy McGee ready to go out with me on the sand dunes!


My other German Shepherd Storm won't get near a running ATV, but will follow or run out to the side of my quad!

Everyone loaded up ready to go!


Added a pic
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She stays around camp when I take off too quick, but she followedd me once to the bathroom at pismo since I was still in sight.

I haven't taken her out for a ride, cause it'd be rather unsafe for her to ride or run with a sport quad.

But here is the best pic ever taken of her...Sitting on the Oregon Coast.


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