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  1. Thanks for the ideas, will check all the connections.
  2. Sorry, I thought I had updated this post a while back but obviously I hadn't. After getting taking this carb apart several times and getting frustrated, I walked away and went fishing for the summer, When I looked at it again I took the carb apart and checked everything, mounted it back on the quad and just hooked up the gas line. Quad fired up right away and throttled up nice and idled nice. I then started hooking everything else up on the carb, vent lines throttle cables air box and filter. Quad ran good until I hooked up the line off the bottom of the carb (overflow line). As soon as I hooked this line up quad started blowing gas out the air intake. I removed the line and it ran great. This line has what Yamaha calls a pipe in it. It looks like it may be a oneway valve of some sort. I removed this "pipe" and the quad ran great. I looked at a few other Yamaha quads that have has carb jobs done at dealerships and noticed none of then had this "pipe" on them so I just ran a length of gas line off the bottom of the carb. Quad has ran great ever since. Owner took it hunter last fall and it didn't miss a beat and is still running great. Still not a hundred present sure what the purpose of the "pipe" is but that was my problem all along. Thanks to everyone that responded to this request. PKR
  3. Frank Thanks for the reply. I had taken a gas sample from the tank yesterday and it looks good today, no sign of water. The air filter and everything else looks good. My plan today was to pull the carb but I decided to try to start it first. It fired right up and purred like a pussy cat. I ran it around the yard for about half an hour and it didn't miss a beat. I'm not to sure what is going on. I'm starting to wonder if the kids are flooding it when they try to start it and sitting out in the cold it isn't clearing itself??? The only difference between it being at the neighbours and being at my place is it is left outside there and is inside my shop here. I'm going to move it outside tomorrow and let it sit for the day to see what happens.
  4. Neighbor dropped off his 2010 Ranger 400 HO. Said it was missing and backfiring. I replaced the plug as it was carboned up (kids use the side x side for chores and it is only idled around yard) Unit ran great, sent back home and it ran great for about 5 hours of run time and then it wouldn't start. He brought it back and I changed the plug again and it would start but would not run great. Pull plug and it was really wet. I suspect the carb needs cleaning and that is the direction I plan on going unless someone else knows anything about these units. ( I have never worked on one of these). If you know of something else I should check let me know. Also I am looking for a service manual for this unit. Thanks PKR
  5. PKR


  6. This one certainly has been a pain in the ass.
  7. Thanks, I will adjust the float a little more. I think I will lower the main jet needle one notch as this carb had been played with before they brought it to me.
  8. Took carb apart and reset the float, it was set to high, had to change out the main jet as it wasn't the right one when I compared it to the old one. Quad starts nice and idles great. Throttles up nice but when reaching higher rpm's it starts to spray a gas mist out of the air intake and does some small backfires through the air intake. When you throttle back down there is a couple of drops of gas comes out the overflow at the bottom of the carb. Tried adjusting the air / gas screw but didn't seem to make a difference at high rpm's. Does the needle on the main jet slide need to be lowered some more? Looking for where to look next. Thanks PKR
  9. Thanks for the tips, I will go through it again and double check everything.
  10. I rebuilt the carb on a 1989 350 Big Bear. This is a Gen 1 carb ( 2 cables running to throttle). Quad starts and runs but I have fuel leaking from the air intake. Is the float set to high / low? Does the needle for the main jet need adjusting? I have it on the center groove ( 2 groves above and 2 groves below). All jets are new, float and needle and seat are new. Thanks for your help PKR
  11. The seal is all I need. The carb I have is basically new so I shouldn't need anything else. Thanks for asking
  12. That's great, very much appreciated. If you can send the rubber seal COD via regular mail I will pay for the shipping when it gets here. My mailing address is Phil Reid PO Box 2786 Lloydminster, Sask. Canada S9V 0Z1 Thanks again
  13. Thanks for answering my call for help. All I need is the seal as shown in the picture. If you don't need the one you have and are willing tp part with it I would be interested. How much would you want for it? Thanks PKR
  14. Does anyone know if and where you can get parts for a no name carb. My neighbor has one on a 1989 Yamaha 350 big bear and it is leaking gas around the seal on the accelerator pump. (see pic). Any and all help would be appreciated Thanks PKR

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