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  1. BradF80

    2005 Yamaha Bruin 250 2wd No Spark

    Well after replacing the Ignition coil I still didn't have pulse for spark. I bought a DVA adapter for my multimeter and checked the stator circuit going to the CDI. The CDI had signal coming in, power, and ground. So the CDI was presumably bad. I went ahead and replaced it and got spark back. She's been sitting for who knows how many years but now she runs!
  2. BradF80

    2005 Yamaha Bruin 250 2wd No Spark

    Haha thanks! I dug into it this afternoon. Looks like the secondary circuit on the coil is open so I ordered one of those first. The CDI box is interested though, I'm not getting a "positive" pulse from it to the coil. I see a ground pulse though. Isn't the CDI supposed to send a 12v signal? The shop manual didn't offer much insight on how the circuit works lol
  3. BradF80

    Yamaha ATV Service Manuals

    Thanks for uploading these manuals!
  4. BradF80

    2005 Yamaha Bruin 250 2wd No Spark

    Working on this right now. I will figure it out soon enough but I figured I would ask in here in case someone has a suggestion. I just purchased a 2005 Bruin 250 2wd. It has no spark. They replacement the stator and the ignition switch. Is the CDI box a common failure on these machines?
  5. BradF80

    2005 Yamaha Bruin 250 2wd No Spark

    Only need 2 more posts to unlock the cheat code...lmao
  6. BradF80

    New Member

  7. Anyone ever use a universal lawnmower seat to bolt onto the rear rack on an ATV for a passenger? I have an 2005 Bruin but I have yet to see a seat for it other than those uber expensive helmet box/seats.
  8. BradF80

    How did you get into Quads?

    Was tired of removing the deck on my lawnmower every time I wanted to drag something out the the woods and back. So I figured I would by a quad as more of a utility vehicle.
  9. BradF80

    New Members

  10. Hello all, I registered on this site because I just purchased a new to me 2005 Yamaha Bruin 250 2wd. This seems to be the only place to get diagrams so I'm hoping I can download them sooner or later. The guy I bought it from said it had no spark. And it truly does not have spark...lol I haven't looked into much on it. Looks like he replaced the ignition switch and the stator. I'm thinking CDI box but I want to check the coil first. I look forward to helping others out on the electrical end of the world. I am an ASE certified automotive electrical technician. If it's 12v, I can usually figure it out.
  11. BradF80

    Just here for manual

    Nice! The guy I bought it from seemed to have just thrown parts at it hoping to fix it. I just need to get a wiring diagram so I can actually diagnose the problem.
  12. BradF80

    Just here for manual

    Shamelessly using this thread to add to my post count as well....lol I have a 2005 Yamaha Bruin with no spark. Hoping once I get my post count up, I can have someone help figure out what is wrong with it.