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  1. Need to close this thread! So I had two issues- one was a dead cell and the other was the kill switch. Replaced battery and swapped out the switch for a 7.99 autozone waterproof switch. Sodiered it back and glued it to the original plastic. Works great again. Also swapped all brake shoes out and it stops again but the rear brakes on this Polaris really blow.
  2. and...tested the relay - nothin... going to swap that out first.
  3. yeah man, totally cracking it open this morning... it's a combo - lights, starter horn. haven't found any substitutes yet.. unless you know of a genric for it -0455150 is the PN...
  4. Seems like ignition switch is bad. Banged on it and lights come on but not enough juice to turn it over but I have lights. Then comes in and out.
  5. looks like it. 4 pin battery hot on one side but not the other - .08 Ohms on the smaller pin between them. Open on the larger (switch open) I should be able to check across the L/W / G/Y when I press the starter switch right?
  6. current state. Don’t see any safety switches on the parts breakdown for this model.
  7. would the starter relay cause the lights on the dash not to come on? I have a small amout of resistance on the secondary pins of the starter relay but infinate on the two large terminals. I think it may be fried...
  8. so is there a main relay/switch for the power distribution? I have power at the switch, safety teather is fine, fuses are fine and power there... checked power at a relay on the front and it has power but didn't check the relay - anyone know the resistance between connections? other ideas?
  9. ground is fine, checked that- power to the ignition switch but then it goes back into the wire bundle from there... kind of where I need a schematic... will look at the teather switch - it's a 2016 and kept pretty clean except for this past week it was raining a ton and he got it really muddy... teather switch is ok as well. that is by the ignition on the 110 outlaw.
  10. 2016 and no lights/no power but battery, fuses and ignition switch are good... seems to be wiring but not sure of any other safety switches on these little ATV's... last time it was a fuse, but checked them all and all blocks have power.
  11. sounds good, I've seen the wiring has been a problem and ignition switch- looking for some direction on components that go south - kids been in a ton of mud lately...
  12. Check the black book for prices- that will be a good start.
  13. Been a motorsport guy for a long time and moved to the country a few months ago...got two quads- 2018 Yamaha 700 4x4 and Polaris 110 Outlaw for the kiddos. Been great but that polaris has been a maintenance suck. Brakes suck, electrical system suck. Currently it is dead - I will say my son rides it just about every day and LOVES it. Fuses are good and Key switch is ok, battery ok, Going to start to dive into wiring but need a manual to start tracing wires... so this is one of n threads to start here...

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