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  1. Hello I am an occasional lurker for a while now, mainly search for what I need to know and haven’t posted much. I think my old xy utv is on here that was a fun little toy. I’m here in sunny sandy florida, flat ground headquarters. Found old atc, it’s a different ride than you get on a quad. I have to remember its wider on back than front view or hit tire on post. neighbor has Polaris he wants help with and I’m elected. You are good guys sharing knowledge with others thank you. Otis
  2. I should have said it’s a 1985 Honda atc250es , regulator has six wires . The used shindengen regs online look good, if you trust buying used reg off auction. I have no headlight on this trike or anyplace to stuff wires up front leaving a ugly knot of connections, what is good idea for that?
  3. Do you remove the frame on both sides? I’m going to need clutch cover off soon for one way bearing.
  4. What all is included in the normal maintenance service of the Polaris ranger 1000 Xp ? My neighbor wants to service his machine and says he has a “kit” for it , oil change. Are there any hidden grease fittings? Pitfalls?
  5. That sounds like this 85 Honda atc250es I’m working on, stator wires broke and dent in inner ID of flywheel. I believe the atc and trx almost engine. I soldered mine and now need regulator for it. The black wire is complicating the search.
  6. Hello all , I have a atc I’m trying to rehab, the regulator fails testing and a new one is needed. I’m afraid of the eBay China regs. What is a good reg to use?
  7. Sandbox


  8. I managed to align the pulleys, adjust engine position, using straight edges. I used the above specs from manual. What a difference the alignment made. The machine now moves smoothly from a stop, no shuddering, shifts smooth and it is much faster than before. I am happy with the return on the effort. One of the front shock struts tops out with loud clack when the road drops away. I believe it is low on oil, I'm thinking I can drill a hole in body add oil then seal. Not sure where to drill the hole that is safe inside shock. Shock just like 88 Kawasaki mule front strut. Any ideas?
  9. Edit previous post, 252mm between center of shafts. S.
  10. Thanks Ajmboy, yes it is Chinese . I will have to make a few more posts before I can dl the file. This machine almost identical to Linhai 400cuv manual. The engine / trans mate the same. The perfect alignment of pulleys is my aim. It will get a new clutch soon and will correct alignment then. The manual spec. 252mm distance between shafts, 62.5 mm from shoulder on trans shaft to the side of the engine where the cvt cover mates. That point is in mid air, so have to extend that plane of side engine to get measurement. As I understand it now,that is.
  11. Hi I'm new here , nice forum. I have aquired a XY 300, that seems to be the same as a Linhai of the same model. I was gifted the machine in poor condition, with a locked engine due to broken cam chain, and a broken front strut shock. I have replaced cam chain and have the ute running well now. My need is information about the spacers used to mate the engine to the transmission, alignment of variator and clutch. A blueprint of the alignment jig used in the manual would be ideal. Thanks S

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