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  1. @Frank Angerano Thanks again for responding. I'll get the pictures to you tonight. I'd be perfectly fine purchasing an aftermarket one on ebay as long as i can get it to fit and work. Just don't know how i'd hook it up if the connections weren't the same. and i'd definitely be happy if you found a polaris one for a good price from your friend
  2. @Steven Turner Thanks for the input but as @Frank Angerano stated, it was the compression release and now its running AMAZING! Don't need any throttle nor choke and it starts in a fraction of a second. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this forum yall were so much help
  3. I have a 2000 Polaris Sportsman 500. The Speedometer got water inside of it and it sat for a long time. So now that speedometer is trashed to say the least and i need to find a replacement. I don't want to put up the cash for an oem one so i was wondering if anyone knew any good speedometers out there i could use. I've found many speedometers i like but don't know how i'd wire it up without the same connection points. Thanks, any input is appreciated
  4. Thanks man, the compression release was the problem. Took it out and reinstalled it and it no longer has that problem. Good thing i took care of it because the ball was starting to wear the exhaust rocker, no scoring or anything just a slight color change from rubbing. Thanks again, hopefully there will be no other problems
  5. I haven't tried electric starting it with the spark plug out but when i pull start it, it is easy to pull then it has a rough spot where its harder to pull. I thought i had the timing correct but i see not now. I do need to make sure the compression release is correctly installed though now that you mention it
  6. @Frank Angerano So i tried fixing the problem, and thought i did. So i put it back together and the problem is still occuring. It just has problems trying to turn over and i know i could cause a lot of damage if i continued trying to turn it over. Here's a video of the way its acting and the sounds its making. Thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAWkPKTye3U&feature=youtu.be
  7. @Frank Angerano Thanks man, i'm about to go try and correct it now. and you're right, it is a bit of a bitch lol
  8. @Frank Angerano So i got the new cam and everything and put it all in. but the timing mark on the chain won't line up with the timing mark on the flywheel.... i put it all back together to see how it would act and it turns over fine with no throttle but when any throttle is given is sputters when trying to turn over. i then took the carb off and it acts how it did with the throttle opened. I'm guessing this is because the timing is off but i don't know how to get the chain back in line with the flywheel timing mark. I tried to explain that as best as i could, sorry if it's confusing.
  9. @Frank Angerano I'm sorry, i didn't realize you were the person who commented. i was just trying to fill this old forum in with whats going on now. Thanks for you're input
  10. @Frank Angerano @AlanN @JacobSlabach I've posted a new forum on what i have done to the atv. Please check it out as i could still use y'alls input. Thanks
  11. I've already posted here once about this ATV. Lots of people suggested i check the cam and after a couple months i finally got around to attacking it. I got it all apart and got the cam/rockers out. I'm almost positive they need to be replaced, they're pretty scored up and don't look too hot. Just wanted some final opinions before i drop the money on it. I'll also take feedback on the new cam i've chosen. Old Cam: New Cam: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2GM2J05FQQPCD?ref_=wl_share Old Forum: Thank You.
  12. @JacobSlabach @Kent Mettler Yeah i figured lol had me a little confused for a second
  13. Thanks for all of the helpful tips and ideas! I wish i could work on it right now but the weather isn't agreeing with me (Wish i had a nice garage lol). I'll definitely go at it once this rain lets up. I've messed with the carb so much but from what I've read off this forum i'll tear it down again and correct the air/fuel screw and also run seafoam afterwards. If it still runs the way it does right now ill correct the timing and checks the cams! I'll also check the belts while i'm at it.

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