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  2. 50 years old, will be 51 in July As I recall we paid $1999 out the door with a new helmet thrown in.
  3. Hey all, thanks for all the responces, the area I live in is actually right on the Utah/Idaho border we ride in both states, the area east of Logan Utah is a great riding area, many trails, roads, single tracks that mostly all lead to other areas with very little back tracking, beautiful area with streams, lakes, mountains.
  4. Hey Idaho quad, we could probably do that, once all the snow is finally gone!!! Cant wait
  5. Me and a buddy bought our first quads back in 1985 when Suzuki brought out the Quad Sport / Quad Racer line, we each purchased a brand new 230 quad sport, at age 16 it was a great bike, we ran those poor quads until they where completely worn out, never had a machine since that owed me so little, I have had a string of different ones ever since, but never any that have so endeared themselves to me.
  6. Has anyone on here done a top end overhaul on a 600 grizzly, how involved was it?
  7. I will get it out this weekend and make sure everything is correct, thanks again
  8. I haven’t noticed anything abnormal about how the steering wheels look
  9. Thanks, I will check the wheel bearings whenni check the shocks.
  10. Frank, I hadn’t thought to check the suspension components, thanks for the tip, I will look
  11. Hi all, just joined your great forum, I live in the southern part of the great state of Idaho!! lots of ATV trails and beautiful country to explore, been an ATV guy for most of my life started back in 1985 on a Suzuki quad sport. I now have a couple of Yamaha Grizzly's a Suzuki LTF 500. Also love to explore on dirt bikes. Nice to meet you all!
  12. having an alignment problem with the machine pulling to the right, it has new tires, no apparent wear on the steering components or damage. Does anyone have any experience aligning these machines?
  13. Anyone have any thoughts on the early Quad Sports? My very first ATV was a 1985 LT230S, me and a buddy purchased them brand new in 1985, rode those little bikes till the wheels fell off, I would like to find one to restore for nostalgic reasons and to teach my 14 yo son to ride. Nice meeting you all!
  14. This is a great forum, I have one of the original (1999) 600 Grizzly's it is currently getting a new top end rebuild, did many miles and day's on this ATV, only complaints are the solid rear axle, very fun bike. Decided last fall to upgrade and purchased a 2019 700 Griz SE, I'm so excited to get on the trails this summer with the new ride. Nice to meet you all!
  15. I also live in Idaho (Preston) and ride the area southern part of the state. I have a 1999 Griz that I purchased new, it is currently getting a new top end, pulled the trigger on a new 2019 Griz SE recently, looking forward to riding this year. Anyone in the area shoot me a note, we ride ATV's and dirt bikes in the area.

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