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  1. I have my ham license, gmrs license, and a few part 90 frequencies licensed. got a couple kenwood 8180s laying around that are part 90 and 95 type accepted so they'll cover all 3 services legally.
  2. thank you for the replies, those look much better than how mine sits, or rather sags, now. I figured I might as well replace the struts too while I am replacing the springs, do you use OEM ones from polaris or something aftermarket? Any kind of spring/strut package available? This is a work buggy, so the stiffer the better I think for me. Not looking for go fast handling enhancements or anything. Thanks.
  3. any tips on that? I've never worked with fiberglass before.
  4. Trying to figure out the best way to mount a 2way radio onto a 2004 Polaris Sportsman 700. I think I can just mount the antenna off the back rack pipe, but what I am most concerned about is a weatherproof enclosure and where to put it. I am pretty sure the radio I want to mount is a normal DIN size like a car stereo and have seen a couple waterproof enclosures for them for boats on ebay. Wondering if anyone else has done anything like this and how you went about it.
  5. It's time to replace the shocks and struts. Looking for some stiffer springs than the OEM as I use this for farm work and I put heavy loads on the rear and haul small trailers frequently. I've seen a couple aftermarket offerings that say they're 10% or so heavier duty. Any other options for something a little stronger / stiffer? Thanks.

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