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  1. 350$, posted on facebook. Already got 13 lowball or trade offers.
  2. So here at the old household we came up with an agreement... If my 99 Bayou 220 doesn't sell my May 16th then I'll keep it, pull the motor, fix the issues, and get it running. Just in case it doesn't sell... Here are the problems I gotta fix: Clutch: The clutch adjuster is, I do believe, stripped. It just never meets resistance. My brother did overtighten it, so it's a good possibility. Starter: Both bolts are broken off... One at the head and one flush with the block. Brakes: The left side brake handle (also parking brake) broke clean off. The cable is still there (although the end is ripped off), but the handle is gone completely. I'm thinking I might just influence the bid a little bit, so I can keep it...
  3. The kodiak has had a lot of travel, with almost no issues. The grizzly is a 2013, I think. My quad sat for 4 years so we got the grizzly to replace it. The 4 wheel drive is a button on the handlebars, so it's electronic. Most of the safety switches have been bypassed, including the neutral switch and the Brake switch. Everything works except the 4 wheel drive.
  4. I was pulling on the pull start trying to turn the motor over to get the starter in, then it just got really easy. I pulled the "crown" off and the key was gone into the case. Of course the key I used to replace the original busted one is magnetic. Luckily though, it was only the starter bolt that snapped off at its head so the side of the case is still removable, but the starter isn't. Hopefully it keeps working for a bit longer, I mean, it's almost new because of how long its been pull start only.
  5. So we have a grizzly 450 and it has a few issues. It's the main work quad now that my brother's Kodiak has started burning oil from wear. (It's got probably 4000-5000 miles on it) One issue with the grizzly is the 4 wheel drive doesn't kick out. We haven't really investigated into it but long story short the 4 wheel drive is permanently engaged. Before it just kicked in and out sporadically, now it just stays in 4 wheel drive permanently. The issue this brings is the quad burns through gas like mad, it goes through a whole tank in a week. It also needs a tube in the tire, but that's a lot easier to solve.
  6. Got it. The trick was to stick the starter in then wiggle it while pushing it in. I managed to line up the bolts, then snapped one off in the mounting hole, forever trapping the starter. It was all for none, though, as I have to pull it back apart to retrieve the pull start key from inside the case. UGH... I pulled the headlight out and I'm just going to replace the incandescent lights with a small light bar in the headlight hole, so I can clear up rack space and get rid of the really bad headlight switch my brother added.
  7. So I want to put LED headlights in my 99 Bayou 220. The stock headlights have some issue in the connector and they only work some of the time, so I want to replace them with LED light bars. I want to run them off the high beam switch. Which wire would this be?
  8. So I managed to get the gear to line up but for some reason the starter bolts don't line up. Something isn't right.
  9. So, I was planning on adding on LED headlights and wiring them up to the headlight's high beams. I have bulbs but the stupid things are already broken, and the connectors are really bad, so you have to punch the fender to get the one headlight to work. Any issues I would encounter? I'm just going to cut out the left side (from seat, looking toward front) connector and splice in the LED wires.
  10. So I was unable to get the starter in, but I have a bigger issue, I lost the banjo bolt for the oil line. Where could I get another one?
  11. It's the exact same starter that came out. It's not new or anything.
  12. On the starter and in the case. Not that they don't turn, they do, but I can't pull the starter back out to spin the gear.
  13. Ugh, I tried putting the starter in but of course the freaking thing won't go in. I can seem to get the thing the whole way in. Any tips? Also, I lost the banjo bolt for the oil line. Where could I find a new one?
  14. Plan is to repaint the motor, too. My brother bought a can of orange and used that to paint the engine. I'm thinking black for that and the rims. I might see if the nail polish remover method works, which might be the easiest method. I got lucky with the headlight switch, as my brother was originally going to put it on the dash, but he went with shoving it into the gap between the fender and fuel tank; doesn't matter as I'm redoing the LED wiring to be hooked up to the auxillary terminals.

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