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  1. Stator got the bike running ok, still have to get the carb rebuilt. Shop has been crazy busy, just havent had time.
  2. Had to bypass the stater cutoff relay. The relay is faulty and I didnt have a replacement. Once I get on I will install it.
  3. Well I got it running. Had to bypass one of the relays. I think the carb probably needs a good clean. Starts and runs for a second or so then dies. Once it warms up a bit and I can turn the choke off I can keep it running with a little throttle work but will not idle on it's own.
  4. Not yet, wife had to work so I couldn't hang around the shop after work. Hopefully I will have a bit of time tomorrow afternoon, but that may change if anyone comes by needing any work done.
  5. Alright well I was incorrect, it did have 2 pickup coils. Had to send the 1990 back and get one for an 89. Lesson learned lol, next time take a better look. Anyway after installing the stator I still had no spark. Since I have a service manual now I went through all the wiring. Found a lot of issues. Had 2 faulty relays, the wire to the reveree switch was broken, and the PO installed a toggle switch in place of the keyed switch. Well he wired the ground and the ground from the kill switch to the same terminal so the kill switch was always grounded. Installed a new key and switch wired up properly and spark is back. Just have to get all the plastics and tank and everything back on and see if it runs.
  6. Yeah I think that is the game plan. I'll order one from RM stator see if it matches up.
  7. Here is the stator that was in the bike. Looks like the 1990 stator to me.
  8. Sorry had no time today, I'll try again tomorrow. I did hear from the guys at RM Stator. They said that it may be a 1990 style stator in there. They do list one stator in their 1990 listing that says from 88 to 93 or something like that.
  9. Yeah I'll grab a few tomorrow when I get to the shop.
  10. Well it looks the same in the pictures, but it is really hard to tell. Obviously I can tell that it does only have 1 pickup coil like the 90. But dont have a way to know if it measures the same, or if the resistances are the same. I've emails RM Stator to see if they have any insight.
  11. So the stator is confusing me a little. The wiring diagram doesnt exactly match up. I pulled the stator out to check it out and mone only has 1 pickup coil in it. When I look up the stator on RM Stator it shows 2 pickup coils for my stator. I've double checked the VIN and it is an 89, although if I look up a 1990 the stator looks more like mine.
  12. Parents got us a brand new 2000 Yamaha big bear se 350 when I was 12 or 13. Had that for a few years and have be ATVless until Friday when i picked up a 1989 big bear for $250. Should have it up and running within the next couple weeks then be ready for some exploring.
  13. I have a 1989 Yamaha Big Bear. Paid $250CAD for it. Has no spark currently but "was running great" as per previous owner. Will just be used for exploring some old forestry service roads and back woods.
  14. Well my prep was to purchase a 1989 Big Bear for $250. Now I am going over the electrical to get the bike running as it has no spark, then I will give the bike a good once over to make sure the brakes/suspension/drivetrain is in good shape!
  15. Fore sure I've read over it pretty well. I am a mechanic by trade. Worked at a Dodge dealership. Wiring diagram is pretty simple compared to a new vehicle that's for sure. I appreciate all the help! Hopefully tomorrow when I get to the shop I'll be able to spend a few minutes to figure it out.

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