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  1. hey i figured it out its the upper bearing, the inner race spun inside the outer about 0.050 causing the ball bearings to expand not enough to sieze in the cup but enough to eliminate almost all clearance for movement. the a arm drops axle comes out. i went out today and had a great ride and then totaly bend one of my rear axles, good times and good rides.
  2. one thought i had was the locker gaer could be pushing it out but its happend in 2 wheel drive of cousre with out the locker engaged
  3. it slides out about 1/2 to 3/4 inches enough to dump fluid out. all the teeth look fine on the axle and on the locker ring gear and the axle does not apear to be bent, but i will be taking off and inspecting again.
  4. ya, i dont use it unless i need to and when i lock in i come to a complete stop, however sometimes a little feather of the throtle is needed in foward or reverse.. usually i here a pop or a snap when it comes out.
  5. its an arctic cat and the locker is factory
  6. i own a 2006 500 4x4 with a locker and no lift kit or other modifications the axle has came out with and with out locker engaged
  7. my left front axle keeps poping out of the diff. i replaced the lock ring and it didnt help what else can i do has any one else had this problem?

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