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  1. @Arizona it's the 10th digit that's the yr code
  2. @Ineedabrew I saw several of these pieces on eBay the other day when I was looking for parts for the one I just finished.
  3. I can't. Find a manual for it to download free? I'll check batt today thank u very much sir.
  4. Ok I found a prob, I took plug wire cap off to check fire, it fires bout five times then stops fireing for several crañks then fired again for a bit then stops? Over and over? That's why itl act like it's gonna start then not? Any ideas?
  5. Thank u Mike I'll try that as well. Really really appreciate your help and the rest of the ideas to try from others! Thank u will post results this morn
  6. Feul screw is at 2 turns out, choke or enrichener is working properly, I will go over wording tomorrow and report findings. Thanks for helping it's drove me nuts for 3 days now and I have to get it finished just never ran into this before. Thank u
  7. It only has 400 miles on it, it was rode very little but started and kept up by atv shop , then new owner got it ,he was using it everyday for bout 6 months then this started one day while riding. I'm sure compression is like new but I'll check for sure in morn. , I looked at carb to head intake boot and it's in great cond. He was using it alot and uses seafoam every other tank but I did clean carb just cuz.i have looked at spark when tryin to start and it's a white blue hot, changed plug anyway, and when it does itl start right back up. Most times its just that sumtimes even after warm itl start up but if u touch throttle itl just die, only sumtimes? Itl idle for a long time then just die? It's crazy now I'm going crazy!
  8. I am goin nuts here! I have a 04 400 air cooled 4x4 , I'm a atv,car,truck,mower mechanic for yrs,just sayin. Ok it cranks and kinda fires now and again then after 5 min of cranking and stopping itl start if u touch throttle itl did then u start all over! If u let it warm up sumtimes u can throttle it up other times it just does! Just depends on it? When it stays running it runs awesome,no problems except it just does randomly like u shut key off? Sumtimes itl start right back up others itl do the no start thing! IV put new plug,adjusted valves and hot tanked carb? I'm at a loss here guys! Please any other ideas? I don't think it's anything to do with flywheel? It's not the auto it has a hi low reverse lever on left fender and foot shifter? Help please lol

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