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  1. Yes it is a Suzuki Motor I know that I just don't know if the two will interchange. After looking I have not found any Suzuki 500's either. I am looking into putting a 650 H1 in it, I have to change the wire harness, Head pipe, and cdi for starters but it would give it more balls.
  2. It very well maybe the same motor I have not found anyone that knows
  3. Thanks it looks like I am going to need it.
  4. No I still have not found a engine but I have not been looking that hard. I keep watching e-bay and the salvage yards but nothing yet.
  5. I need a engine for a 04 500 tbx. My dads quad was really messed up by a local dealer they cracked the engine cases. I have now taken them to court got some coin from them and want to find a wrecked quad or junk yard that has a motor. Because a tear down part by part would cost way to much. Let me know what sourses you all have. Thanks cway

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